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Denmark gets better mobile coverage

Press release   •   Mar 31, 2015 09:00 BST

With a nationwide upgrade of the mobile network, Denmark's largest telecom provider, TDC, has set a European record in network expansion. TDC is therefore now in a position to offer all Danes significantly better mobile coverage.

Over the last 14 months, TDC has upgraded each one of its over 3,400 mobile masts. New technologies and longer range mean a quality improvement for all mobile users on TDC's network. The mobile network upgrade was planned to be completed in December 2015, but is already finished, nine months ahead of schedule. This makes it the fastest and most comprehensive mobile network upgrade seen in Europe to date.

"The upgrade was so huge that we can see the effects on the data traffic in our mobile network. Across the nation, data traffic has more than doubled since the upgrade," notes Peter Schleidt, Senior Executive Vice President of TDC Operations.

Expansion continues – 100 new masts
The upgrade represents an investment of DKK 4 billion. For this price tag, TDC now offers voice and high-speed Internet coverage for approx. 99.5% of the country – depending on which type of mobile phone the customer is using.

"No matter how many masts we install, there will always be areas where coverage is an issue. We are therefore continuing to expand the network. During 2015, another 100 new masts will be put into operation," reports Peter Schleidt.

Danish Technological Institute tests Danish networks
The massive upgrade is driven by TDC's goal of always offering Denmark's best network. But it is not enough to simply say you have Denmark's best network.

"Anyone can claim to have the best network. But we want our customers to feel it, and we must be able to prove it. We have therefore asked the Danish Technological Institute to carry out an impartial investigation, comparing all the mobile networks in Denmark. The results so far look very promising, but we won't draw any conclusions until we have the final result."

Better coverage in remote areas
As part of the upgrade, TDC has taken the extraordinary step of improving coverage in 207 of Denmark's most thinly populated areas. This reflects the fact that TDC is the only mobile phone company to have taken on a special responsibility for ensuring better coverage in Denmark's remote areas. A responsibility all our competitors have actively chosen to avoid.

"It is only natural for TDC, as Denmark's leading telecom provider, to take responsibility for ensuring better coverage in remote areas, even though we are well aware there will always be areas where coverage fluctuates. This is unavoidable when you work with mobile phone technology. We are therefore continuing to upgrade and expand the network. It is a job that will never be finished," notes Peter Schleidt.


TDC is investing DKK 4 billion to improve its mobile network across the country
All of TDC's approx. 3,400 mobile masts have been upgraded.
TDC covers 99.5 percent of Denmark with the latest 4G mobile phone technology

100 new masts
TDC is building at least 100 additional new masts during 2015
These will be spread around the country – primarily in remote areas

Social responsibility
The Danish Business Authority highlighted 207 postal districts where coverage was severely limited.
TDC – the only network operator to do so – has undertaken to cover 99.7% of these 207 postal districtsThe Danish Business Authority's list of the 207 thinly populated postal districts

Increase in Internet traffic
Between March 2014 and February 2015, the data traffic in TDC's network rose by 106%.
Mobile data traffic normally increases by approx. 60% per year.