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Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (National): Lightening the Load - Better Regulation Executive Report Published

Press Release   •   Nov 04, 2010 11:07 GMT

Commenting on the publication of the Better Regulation Executive’s Lightening the Load report on the regulatory impact on the UK’s smallest businesses, Sir Don Curry, Chair of the Better Regulation Executive said:

“In compiling this report, I’ve been struck by the way that so many of our micro-businesses are struggling to cope with existing regulations. It’s been humbling to see the distress that this has caused some business owners.

“The Better Regulation Executive’s Lightening the Load report highlights the cumulative regulatory burden affecting exactly the sort of businesses that are being relied upon to create sustainable economic growth. It is clear that some firms actively avoid recruiting and expanding to avoid the bureaucracy or perceived bureaucracy involved. This cannot be good for growth.

“For several years, Government has asked policy makers to ‘think small first’. It is clear that when new regulations are made, policy makers are still not putting small and micro businesses at the centre of their thinking. This has to change. I strongly support Ministers commitment to reduce regulatory burdens and to see regulation as a last resort. I very much welcome the announcement that Lord Young will be leading a review on supporting enterprise and hope that, as part of this, he will be able to address the issues raised in our report. I look forward to this being a first step to lighten the load for this important part of the economy.”

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