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Department for Transport : Campaign warns drivers of the consequences of speeding

Press Release   •   Jan 04, 2010 11:31 GMT

A £1.4m THINK! campaign to highlight the devastating consequences of speeding for drivers as well as victims starts today.

The campaign’s message is that if you kill someone while speeding you will be tormented by it forever. In the television advert a driver is haunted by images of the child he has killed - seeing his body in the bathroom mirror, through the window of a bus and when in the park with his son.

Paul Clark, Road Safety Minister, said:

"Speed kills. Nearly 600 people were killed in 2008 in accidents where someone was driving too fast.

“This campaign highlights the consequences of speeding for the driver involved: what is life like for the driver who kills because they are in a rush to get home and how does that split second decision affect the rest of their life? I hope this campaign will get drivers to kill their speed before it’s too late.”

The THINK! campaign - 'Kill your speed, or live with it' - includes TV, radio, and cinema advertising.

The radio adverts - ‘Always There’ – feature a chilling message from ‘beyond the grave’. Children’s voices describe what life is like for the driver who killed them while speeding several years ago. The drivers cannot sleep, watch a football match or spend time with their own children without thinking of the dead child.

The 'Kill your speed, or live with it' campaign first ran in February 2009 and is just one of the Government’s initiatives to further cut the number of people killed or injured on Britain’s roads. In addition, the Department for Transport has recently announced an independent review of the law on drink and drug driving. For both drink and drugs, the study will also consider the likely impacts of any changes on driver behaviour, and the practical steps needed to support the introduction of any new or revised offence.

Notes to editors

1.  TV, radio and cinema advertising will run from 4th - 31st January after 7.30pm.

2.  Radio script: ‘Always There’

Boy: He goes to work, I’m there.

At the weekends, I’m there.

On holiday, building sandcastles. I’m there, beside his son.

At night, he tries to forget. But I’m always there.

I’m the boy he killed 5 years ago, because he was speeding. And now he has to live with it.

THINK! – It’s 30 for a reason.

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