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Department for Work And Pensions: Appointment of Members to Equality 2025

Press Release   •   Mar 26, 2010 11:17 GMT

Jonathan Shaw, Minister for Disabled People, has announced the appointment of nine members to Equality 2025, the UK advisory group for disability equality.

The membership includes five reappointed members and four new members. They will start their duties on 1 April 2010 for a three year term.

Members that have been reappointed to Equality 2025:
- Haji Saghir Alam 
- Nick Danagher
- Miro Griffiths
- Andy Rickell
- Fiona Wallace

New members appointed to Equality 2025:
Diane Mulligan
Rachel Perkins
Tracey Proudlock
Colin Young

Equality 2025 was established in December 2006 following a recommendation in the ‘Improving the Life Chances of Disabled People’ report. The group works towards the government’s vision of equality for disabled people by 2025.

Rowen Jade remains as Chair of Equality 2025 and together the ten members will work with government policy-makers to advise government so they understand disabled peoples’ views on a variety of issues, and are able to tap into their experiences.

Minister for Disabled People Jonathan Shaw said: “I am delighted to announce the appointment of nine members to Equality 2025. I look forward to working with them along with Rowen Jade, Chair of Equality 2025. These members bring a mix of experience, skills and enthusiasm to the job.”

Chair of Equality 2025 Rowen Jade said: “I am looking forward to working with all of the Equality 2025 members at a time when so many government proposals and decisions are having such a significant impact on disabled people. I look forward to building on our advisory role within government, to carry forward the vision of disability equality.”

The recruitment exercise was carried out in accordance with the standards set in the Office for the Commissioner of Public Appointments Code of Practice. All appointments are made on merit and political activity plays no part in the selection process.

Notes to editors

1. Haji Saghir Alam

Saghir is a leading expert in Human Rights and Diversity Issues especially in  the area of Multiple Discrimination and Disadvantage in Disability, Race and  Faith and advises a number of central government departments. He is a  member of the Statutory Committee of the Equalities and Human Rights  Commission.

2. Nick Danagher

Nick currently operates as an independent consultant advising on disability and  equality, working with a range of public, private and disabled people's  organisations.  He is a Trustee of the Independent Living Fund and a Board  Director with Surrey Coalition of Disabled People.

3. Miro Griffiths

Miro holds a number of board roles including Member of the Equality Reference  Group with the DWP, the Disability Advisory Panel with the QCA and the  Disability Advisory panel with the British Council.  He combines all these roles  with his studies at Liverpool University.  From 2004-2006 he was Chair of  Whizz-Kidz Children’s Board and highlights issues for children and young  people, as well as other disability equality priorities.

4. Andy Rickell

Andy is currently Chief Executive Officer at The Vassall Centre Trust, which  promotes barrier-free workplaces nationally.  From 2004 to 2008 he held  Executive Director roles at Scope, and had significantly driven forward the  employment of disabled people employed by Scope.  He was previously Chief  Executive of the British Council of Disabled People, the national voice of the  disabled people’s movement, and was one of the original authors of the  Disabled People’s Rights and Freedoms Charter.

5. Fiona Wallace

Fiona has been involved in the self advocacy movement in Scotland since it  started, in the late eighties.  She is currently a Member of People First  (Scotland) and Chair of People First Mid Lothian.  She is also a Member of  Inclusion Alliance, a voluntary organisation which supports individually tailored  day services for people with learning difficulties.

6. Diane Mulligan

Diane is a specialist in international development, diversity and human rights.   She is currently the Social Inclusion and Disability Advisor at Sightsavers  International.  Alongside this she is a Member of the Equality and Human  Rights Commission’s Disability Committee, leading on human rights, child  rights and international issues; the World Health Organisation’s Advisory Board  for Community Based Rehabilitation and the Co-Chair of the United Nations  task group for the International Disability and Development Consortium.

7. Rachel Perkins

Rachel is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist with a strong track record in mental  health.  Her current position is Director of Quality Assurance and User/Carer  Experience at South West London & St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust.

8. Tracey Proudlock

Tracey is a graduate from Leeds University, a member of the Chartered  Institute for Personnel and Development, and a former school governor.  She  started her career as a Press Officer with Dial-A-Ride before moving to an HR  role in the London Borough of Camden.  She moved to the Shaw Trust in 1998  as a Regional Employment Manager, progressing to National Head of Political  Affairs.  She now runs her own company.

9. Colin Young

Colin started his career in research roles with Capability Scotland and South  Lanarkshire Council. He is currently a member of the 'for Scotland’s Disabled  Children' coalition. In his role as the Young Person’s Information and Advocacy  Worker with the Special Needs Information Point, Colin has gained experience  of advocating for young people from across diverse communities on the issues  of transition into adulthood. He is embarking on a PhD in 2010.

- All members of Equality 2025 have personal experience of disability.
- Equality 2025 is a non-departmental public body that advises government at the earliest stages of policy-making. It is sponsored by (but not part of) the Office for Disability Issues. The body is ultimately responsible to the Minister for Disabled People, Jonathan Shaw. 
- For more information visit
-  The fee payable to members is £193 per day, for a maximum of 3 days per month.
- Members who hold Ministerial public appointments are listed below, if not listed then they do not hold any other Ministerial public appointment:
- Saghir Alam (EHRC Disability Committee member – remuneration £250 per day)
- Nick Danagher (Independent Living Fund Trustee – remuneration £14,796 per annum)
- Diane Mulligan (EHRC Disability Committee member – remuneration £250 per day)
- Rachel Perkins (Disability Employment Advisory Committee member – No remuneration is payable).

- All appointments are made on merit and political activity plays no part in the selection process. However, in accordance with the original Nolan recommendations, there is a requirement for appointees’ political activity (if declared) to be made public. This information is included below, members who are not listed did not declare any political activity: 
- Saghir Alam (Member of Labour Party)
- Nick Danagher (Member of Labour Party)
- Andy Rickell (Stood in the Gloucestershire County Council elections of 2009, and member of the Liberal Democrats).


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