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Department of Health: Statistical Press Notice - Direct Access Audiology - referral to treatment (RTT) waiting times data - November 2009

Press Release   •   Jan 21, 2010 10:56 GMT


• The “Improving Access to Audiology Services in England” document in March 2007 stated that:

“Improving Access to Audiology Services in England sets out a simple aspiration: for local health systems to transform the experience of the audiology service for all their patients.  This requires a radical reduction in waiting…no local health system will be credible in claiming success on 18 weeks if it does not make excellent progress in tackling long waiting times affecting large numbers of its local population “

• Data to monitor this aspiration are published today with respect to November 2009.

Main Points

• Data are being published on Direct Access Audiology patients whose referral to treatment (RTT) pathways were completed during November 2009 (completed pathways) and on those patients who were still waiting at the end of November 2009 (incomplete pathways).

• In total, 36,523 patients for whom English commissioners are responsible completed their Direct Access Audiology RTT pathway during November 2009.  Of these, 99.7% were seen within 18 weeks.

• At the end of November 2009, 51,922 patients were awaiting Direct Access Audiology treatment.  Of these, 99.4% had been waiting less than 18 weeks.

• A data completeness assessment is published alongside the figures on completed pathways, which compares the number of completed pathways (with a known clock start) reported in the Direct Access Audiology RTT return against the expected number of pathways.  Currently, national data completeness stands at 103%.

• Detailed tables can be found in Annex A and at:

Notes to editors

Statistical Notes

1. Direct Access Audiology Referral to Treatment (RTT) times

Direct Access Audiology (DAA) RTT data is collected from NHS providers (NHS Trusts and other providers) and signed off by commissioners (Primary Care Trusts).

The data collection is in two parts:
Part 1 – Completed pathways
Part 2 – Incomplete pathways

The return includes all patients whose 18 week clock stopped at any point in the reporting period. A column has been provided to enter data for patients whose length of DAA RTT period is unknown, i.e. patients who have had a clock stop during the month but where the clock start date is not known.

2. Provider and Commissioner based data

Commissioner based returns reflect data on a responsible population basis, which is defined as:
• all those patients resident within the PCT boundary; plus
• all patients registered with GPs who are members of the PCT, but are resident in another PCT; minus
• All patients resident in the PCT, but registered with a GP who is a member of another PCT

Provider based returns cover patients for whom English commissioners are responsible.

Additional Information

Full details of DAA RTT data for individual organisations is available at:

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