Diabetes Could Potentially Be Helped by Marijuana Seeds

Press Release   •   Aug 22, 2012 13:51 BST

Medical marijuana seeds have many other benefits, including alleviating pain for arthritis suffers, multiple sclerosis patients and many other types of illnesses.

Study results undertaken at the Hadassah University Hospital, which is located in Jerusalem, showed that genetic predisposition to diabetes in mice was largely decreased by cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD). CBD constitutes up to 40% of the marijuana plant, and is the principal active ingredient responsible for the plant's effects.

In the study, young mice were injected with 10 to 20 doses (5 mgs) of CBD. These mice showed up to 30% of reduced incidence of diabetes, compared to the 86% in genetically predisposed mice who were not injected with the drug. The CBD experiment showed significant levels of reduction in cytokines levels, which could prove crucial for human sufferers of diabetes.

Other studies which took place at the University Hospital injected 3 out of 5 mice with CBD, and they were kept under observation for 7 months. The 3 mice injected with the drug remained diabetes free during the period of observation. These studies could prove groundbreaking, and eventually allow the growth of cannabis seeds for medical purposes in some parts of the world.

As it stands, medical marijuana seeds are still illegal to grow in the US, although many senators are pushing for legalisation for medical use. This will allow the drug to be controlled, and it will allow sufferers to grow cannabis seeds legally or purchase the drug without getting involved with criminals.

Shops located in a number of countries already allow the purchase of a variety of seeds, including autoflowering seeds, feminized seeds, single marijuana seeds, regular marijuana seeds, and medical cannabis seeds. Many of the most potent and best selling marijuana seeds are available from Dutch growers, but they are still illegal to purchase in the US.

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