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Dial 123 Offers the Cheapest International Calling Plans Online Cheap

Press Release   •   Aug 01, 2012 16:38 BST

Dial 123 as a number of different plans available that allow you to make cheap international calls. They offer great service, that allows you to make international phone calls from any mobile device, through landline. They are the leading provider in the United Kingdom for national calls, and have unbeatable rates that many phone companies cannot be. Although their prices are categorized by country, most of the countries that you would look to call, are going to be very cheap. They allow you to save as much as 90% when compared to other UK providers of international calls, and boasts very high quality audio in their calls as well. Dial 123 also has the cheapest rates of all chargers throughout the United Kingdom, allowing you to make Cheap Calls From UK to international destinations.

There are two typical plans that they use. The first one, titled Credit Dial allows you to make international calls. You can use the service from a mobile device, or from a landline. You have to add your friends and family to your contacts in your dial 123 account, then you will be provided with a unique local number for each of the people that you were going to contact. You save the numbers on your phone, and then call them directly at low rates. You can even load up your account using PayPal, which means that you could technically utilize the service strictly with online calls.

Their second big plan, titled Instant Dial allows you to call from a landline phone in the United Kingdom, and no account is required. Also, no prepayment is necessary when you go to make these calls. Because the service goes through a landline phone, much of the building will be done through your normal landline account. All you do is dial the access number of the country that you wish to call, and then dial your international number when you are prompted. Then, you will be connected to the person you are calling, and able to talk to the high quality audio that they provide.

If you have any reason to make international phone calls, and are tired of paying the typical rates that phone companies charge, Dial 123 beats any rate free international calls throughout the United Kingdom. Their ability to provide you with high quality audio, at a reasonable price, without having to sacrifice any of your current phone services, makes them an excellent option for anyone that has to make occasional international calls. If you are tired of racking up hundreds of dollars on your phone bill because of your international calls, using a service that allows you to make cheap international calls can definitely save your pocketbooks a lot of money. If you want to make Cheap International Calls From UK destinations, there are many options available.

There are many benefits to making sure that you take a lot of different things into account when you are considering an international calling service. Dial 123 makes it easy for you to make international calls, without having to sacrifice your current phone plans, with rates that beat the competition by far.Dial 123 provides a stellar service that blows the competition out of the water.

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