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Direct Minibuses envois present tips to choose a reliable airport minibus hire Sittingbourne!

Press Release   •   Aug 22, 2017 14:03 BST

An event having a prospective objective of promoting minibus hire Sittingbourne / Gillingham (or elsewhere) rentals and tips to help travellers choose a reliable one was organised by Direct MiniBuses.

CEO of Direct MiniBuseshire, in a recent event stated, “Going to the airport in most occasions prove to be a real hassle. Reaching on time for the flight, worries about logistics and of course, getting a vehicle which transports travellers safely and cost-effectively - travelling does get a bit too stressful. But in such cases, hiring a mini bus rental can prove real worth.”

A decent crowd did gather in for the event, a few laying down a common issue of choosing a reliable minibus rental amongst the many. Marketing Head of Direct MiniBusesresponded positively to the common questions stating them very easy.

He stated that it all begins with the process of thorough research, making a list of top providers and then shortlisting the ones as per preferences. Every minibus hire Gillingham (or say elsewhere) claim to be the best in the business.

Seasoned travellers who constantly need to go to air terminals ought to make a final list consisting of 4-5 reliable names. As that is done, a comprehensive background check on their vehicles, customer satisfaction, rates and availability should be their foremost step.

Their CEO also points out that, examining other crucial parameters such as their years of experience in the industry, condition of vehicles, professional drivers with license and proper road sense are major considerations.

In lieu to all this, he also adds that, this research needs to be systematic and repetitive for all the names shortlisted.

Each of the details should undergo proper analysis. Then drawing out comparisons and service quality differentiation, one should choose someone offering the best from the rest.

The CEO further adds that once the decision is final on going with a minibus hire Gillingham (or any other region), the next step is crosschecking their rates and promotional offers.

Adding more emphasis to his CEO’s words, the Marketing Director informed some minibus rental agencies have flat rates for airport transfers.

Plus, for first time users, some promotional offers exist for them. But if not, then it is alright to directly ask the agency for such perky offers.

Amidst such enlightening conversation, a few other company heads brought up other important criteria.

Alongside checking rates and other perky offers, they clearly stated that travellers should also inform the agency about their essentials such as their number of heads, travel itinerary and travel schedule.

Moreover, an hour before their flight, these delegates also reinstate the importance to call up their agency before pick-up.

Taking up the example of their own mini-bus rental agency, the MD added,

“We offer our clients the convenience to include their travel date and the bus as per their accommodations. Plus, we also give them options to schedule their departure/arrival time.”

This seemed to be a very apt way of suggesting tips to choose a reliable mini bus rental agency and endorsing their own minibus hire Sittingbourne service as the capping off words of the event. Much to the relief and delight of those present!

Direct Minibuses’ prime objective is to make travel safe and comfortable, regardless of distance or destination. Presenting cost-effective mini-buses and coaches on hire, they present their clients a travel medium which is tailored to meet all travelling needs. Round the clock vehicle availability and professional drivers aware of road rules and regulations are what they guarantee every time!

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