Disability Hate Crime is not Anti-Social Behaviour, it is Hate Crime.

Press Release   •   Jul 15, 2010 10:54 BST

The foundation of Disability Hate Crime is ignorance; it is a mix of ignorance of those committing the crime and the ignorance of society. For those committing the crime, it is the brutal and vicious abandon of realising the victim is a person. It is a hate for that person and their difference. For society, it is the ignorance of ignoring these acts. It is seeing the crime as Anti-Social Behaviour; it is seeing the fierce torment and paying no attention to the hurt and the pain. It is accepting the criminals and the torturers as members of their own families and friends.

The pillars of Disability Hate Crime are made up if injustice. The legal system has no accepted definition of what Disability Hate Crime is. Those who are arrested for committing Disability Hate Crime are issued with ASBO’s. Who cares about getting an ASBO? It’s a medal of honour for societies’ runts, a legally useless badge that says the Police care more for their lunch breaks and coffee than the world’s most innocent victims.

The crown of Disability Hate Crime is inaction. Any crime is disorientating to people on the streets. Honestly, no one would interfere with a crime if they saw it happening on their way to work. It’s human nature that we look after ourselves before anyone else. This is so difficult to overcome that whenever a person fights back and helps the victim of a crime, they are celebrated and hero worshipped.

Inaction goes beyond just trying to stop a Disability Hate Crime from happening though. Inaction is also a big part of the victim’s experience. They do not want to talk about being the suffered. They do not want to express their angst and frustration. They do not what to relive the experience and the distress. They often do not know how.


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