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Dischromatics Releases its new Company Showreel

Press Release   •   Jul 23, 2012 11:41 BST

With Dischromatics new Showreel available on their web site, showing on YouTube and elsewhere on the web, it will give people an insight into the opportunities available in a relatively short video for company promotion and other uses. It’s an ideal way to display a company’s products and services along with interaction from customers providing testimonials and positive statements to enhance reputations and act as an enticement to prospective customers. Every company is unique and this professional marketing tool will enable anyone to make the most of these attractive and unique aspects of the business.

When an organisation creates a marketing budget, rarely does it include a Company Showreel; in fact much of the cost related to marketing is still spent on advertising and sending out literature by post. However, as most people are aware, one of the most important areas to find new business is the use of the internet and therefore websites. Unfortunately most companies paying for a website and consequently paying someone to do the SEO, expect to be found on the top pages of the search engines without knowing enough about the process themselves, moreover there is far more to getting to the first page than applying certain SEO techniques. This is critical for successful ROI. 

Companies should be wary of adopting black hat techniques for SEO as it is possible that your site could be downgraded or even sandboxed. A Showreel will not only help your marketing drive and add to the interest of a website it will actually help the SEO as search engines favour sites with video and graphics displayed on the site. There are other advantages for the Showreel, it can also be burnt to CD or DVD and sent as part of an introduction to prospective clients or for a tender process. This is much more likely to be viewed and get the message across to the recipient and is clearly more impressive than great amounts of literature which is unlikely to be fully appraised.

The process of producing a Showreel for companies and other organisations is relatively simple and there are many offering this service but the execution of filming, interviews, voice overs, background music and so on along with the final editing and authoring needs to be carried out by a professional outfit. Dischromatics was established in 1989 and has been in the digital media and creative industries sector for many of those years. They are able to work to a critical path in order to achieve all the goals and can provide all the expertise needed from their own resources. Their own Showreel lasts for just over five minutes but for most companies a length of three to four minutes will be sufficient.

The production and resulting company Showreel needn’t be overly expensive, this will depend on the length of the video and as indicated above, what inclusions there are, whether professional voice over or music is required and so on.  Some websites already feature a Showreel but unfortunately these are a real turn off and effectively detrimental, they create the exact opposite impression to what was anticipated. Typically, you see Business Owner doing it on the cheap; they themselves are featured throughout and the video is taken with a static camera with the same background and with him talking about his own company, going on in a boring manner which interests no-one but himself. Bizarrely, the video is often placed on the home page and starts automatically every time you visit the site.

Clearly Showreels produced professionally with the right balance of positive features and interesting topics along with various inputs from different and staff and customers will give any business an enormous boost. For all enquiries about Showreel video production services why not give a no obligations telephone call to 01495 243222, email sales@dischromatics.co.uk  or simply visit the site where you can request a call back.

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