Disco Beads

Press Release   •   Nov 29, 2010 15:58 GMT

Disco Beads which glow like cats eyes have had real crossover appeal.  From Surfer Girls to Kate Moss and now Theresa May the stylish U.K home secretary, they’ve all been caught sporting the Designer Accessory. We sent Theresa a set because politics aside she’s a stylish lady, so they were the first present on her desk when the coalition took over. She was really cool sending us an encouraging thankyou note and we’ve even seen them at the dispatch box! Kate Moss tried a necklace on and posed for pics at her latest top shop launch and Sir Phillip Green’s daughter (Chloe) also loved them and took a set. They have a natural appeal in these dark times because ...guess what?  People are still having fun!... and where there’s fun.. optimism, creativity and of course sexiness aka Disco!  Just look around -  ‘Future Disco is Hot’.
Who will be first to realize their potential on fashion shoots or red carpet where they really go crazy under the lights of the paparazzi? Disco Beads stand out whether in city lights or bright sunshine. Although conceived in France and nutured in England, they really took off in Australia.  Disco Beads have now arrived in London and are cropping up all over the U.K. A firm favourite with the surf community, they sponsor pro surfer Hannah Harding alongside Animal.  Brainchild of Australian musician William Harrigan and his British wife Victoria,  Disco Beads began as way to fund their existence alongside his music whilst on the road.   They decided to take a leaf out of the books of the early explorers by selling shiny beads to the natives and it worked! When demand far exceeded expectations they realised they were onto something big and decided to shift up a gear. The aim for 2011 is to promote Disco Beads through musical events and parties developing a distinctive brand image for people who ‘get it’ and by encouraging like minded people to act as agents, so that someone in New York or Istanbul could get a party pack and get in to Disco Business taking Disco Beads to the world. Princess Superstar picked them up for an accidental name clash for ‘their’ Princess Superstar range. Billy apologised, sent her a set and she offered to tweet about them! “Its all about the love” said Billy.

Disco Beads began a year ago in a sleepy hamlet in Cornwall and is rapidly turning into an unstoppable force! 
'Disco Beads' are highly reflective and appear to glow when hit by a light source, creating a breathtaking and dazzling effect.  Seeing is believing!
Visit the discobeads.com website to find out more!