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Display And Design Reviewed On the Samsung Galaxy Nexus And The HTC Sensation XE

Press Release   •   Nov 05, 2011 15:44 GMT

The HTC Sensation XE was unveiled last month and impressed us with its superb technology combined with a high quality display. Rival manufacturer Samsung have also announced details of their new Galaxy Nexus a handset, a phone that may well eclipse all of its rivals. We take a look at the design and screen performance of both of these models.

The HTC Sensation XE is undoubtedly one of the better looking devices that HTC have ever released. Typically handsets from this brand all look similar but the XE benefits from some red elements that have been incorporated into the models design. These flashes of colour combined with the glossy black body give the phone a vibrant and very modern look. At 126.1 x 65.4 x 11.3mm the phone is not one of the most compact handsets that you are likely to encounter and neither is it one of the lightest as it weighs in at 151 grammes. We have said many times before however that these high powered, large screened smartphones are unlikely to be purchased for their compactness. If size is key factor in the consumers decision then less powerful models such as the Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini are a more viable target. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a slimmer design than the HTC and measures a very slim 8.9mm in depth and the phones also weighs nearly 20 grammes lighter than its rival. With regards to design the Nexus offers a curved shape which not only looks great but it also sits very comfortably in the palm of your hand. Both models are among the more eye catching designs currently available but the Galaxy Nexus slightly outshines its rival in this department thanks to a combination of looks and size.

Both of these models offer large displays packed full of the latest technology. The Samsung Galaxy Nexususes the larger screen at 4.6 inchs which is larger than the best selling Galaxy S2 device and over an inch larger than the esteemed iPhone 4S. The pleasing element about this display is that Samsung have opted to increase the resolution of the display along with the size which maintains the pixel density that the model can offer. Many manufacturers produce larger displays with inferior resolution which ultimately means a reduction in quality. This models offers a high 720 x 1280 resolution from the Super AMOLED screen resulting in a pixel count of an impressive 316 per inch. The HTC Sensation XE uses a smaller 4.3 inch display and this model uses the S-LCD technology which has been developed by Sony. This type of screen offers results very similar to the Super AMOLED used on the Samsung model. Resolution wise the XE offers 540 x 960 which means the pixel count is slightly lower at 256 per inch. Once again both phones are really great in this area but it is the new Samsung that comes out on top.

In the areas we have looked at the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has impressed us more than the HTC Sensation XE but make no mistake that both of these phones are amongst the very best currently available on the market.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the HTC Sensation XE are available now.

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