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Distinguished Musician Tokyo Rosenthal Releases Anthem for the Unemployed and Disaffected

Press release   •   Mar 25, 2012 18:01 BST

The song "What Did I Used to Be?" talks about: unemployment, debt, social, and
economic marginalization . A lament for those who are dissatisfied with the way
the economic crisis is being managed by those in authority. Tokyo explains that he
has attempted to capture the frustrations of workers around the World.

“It didn’t take much to inspire me to write this song”, said Rosenthal. “All you have to do is
turn on TV and the stories are all there. These are tough times and hopefully the tune and
the video capture some of the frustration and misery that’s all over the world. If it gets
people to stop, think, and react, then I’ll be happy. I don’t expect to change things with a
song, just stir things up a bit and document our present history.”

The single, available only by download, is accompanied by a video produced by
acclaimed director, Nic Beery. Tokyo is joined once again on the track by Chris
Stamey on bass, Will Rigby on drums, and Allyn Love on pedal steel guitar.
“Tokyo” plays lead and rhythm guitar as well as piano. He also provides vocals.


“Rosenthal rises head and shoulders above most Alt. Country and
Americana through sheer standard of the musicianship of Rosenthal’s

" Tokyo Rosenthal is a great word smith. Take ‘Toke’ out for a spin, this is a no lose proposition."
Simon Barrett - USA TODAY/BNN

“Superb set of country-tinged storytelling”- Maverick Magazine


If you would like more information about this topic, or to book an interview with
Tokyo, please use the email address and telephone number provided. “What Did I
Used To Be” can be viewed here:

Contact: Tokyo Rosenthal 

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