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Don’t Lose Market Share, Get Wi-Fi Network Installed Now!

Press release   •   Jun 15, 2015 15:38 BST

SenServe is offering Wi-Fi Network Configuration and Installation services for your Business. Wi-Fi connection will be made available all over your workplace. Through it Internet would be accessible on every device. Costs on Cables Network and its maintenance can be eliminated. Risk of damaging cables by some means can be avoided. Mobile/Tablet Devices can all access internet from anywhere in the Building. Cost-effectiveness is something that you can expect. SenServe’s Tailor-made Wi-Fi Configurations include:

●Network Design Consultation

●Wireless Network Installation

●Network Hub Integration

●WPA Security Measures

●Wi-Fi Marketing

●Network Security

●Network Control Panel

Businesses require an efficient way to communicate between Employees. One that will enable speedy transfer of messages and files that need to be shared. Another concern is that of Security, as confidential business data is transferred within the organisation. If it’s not safe & secure that chances are that data might be stolen for illegal financial gains.

Hotels have an increasing demand for Wi-Fi networks put at their facilities. Customers describe a good Wi-Fi Connection as their need while visiting any new hotel. Most of them will alter their decision based on this matter alone. Business class and other Officials also require the Network to be secure and not allow any type of hacker use the data on their devices. Customer Loyalty is important and in order to retain them a Free & Fast Wi-Fi Connection is a must.

Even in Education Sector its usage and needs are rising. Teachers and Students feel more comfortable working on their own devices within the classroom environment. Communication and sharing of files is easy if a Wi-Fi network is available. Any Assignments, Documents or basically anything can be easily shared. E-learning solutions require internet access and Wi-Fi will deliver just that.

SenServe’s expertise in providing Wi-Fi Solutions is especially in the Hospitality and Education sector. It delivers Secure Wi-Fi Networks at Hotels with uninterrupted Wireless connection that satisfies the need of all Guests. Its solutions are capable to handle University to School level institutes and encourage the use of Internet as a Study Resource in a Paperless Class Environment.

Network will be installed and Configured according to your needs for maximum return. A Centralised Network Hub will allow easy sharing of files within the organisation. Once uploaded to the network will have it there to be accessed by anyone who has access to it. Not everyone will be allowed to use the Wi-Fi facility through WPA protection. Your Wi-Fi will have a password which you can only give to authorised users.

By having it installed in Shopping malls and Public areas you can also market your products/services to anyone who connects with your network. This will only be a onetime cost. The Network security will also be taken care of by advanced Firewall protection. Your data on it will be made secure from any type of harm. Communication channels will be encrypted to make sure the information remains confidential. A Central Control will allow user to monitor all the activities on the network.

SenServe’s specialise in providing Complete Wi-Fi Network Solutions to Businesses in various different sectors. Having a Wireless network in place will enhance communication. Guests at your hotel will be satisfied with the service. E-learning solutions can be implemented easily using internet through devices without dealing with a mess of cables.

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