Dreamcatcher app - record your dreams and view on your iPhone

Press Release   •   Mar 31, 2010 09:46 BST

The Dreamcatcher Team are on the verge of releasing an iPhone application which will result in a global phenomenon.

The Dreamcatcher Team has been working with Russian scientists, investors and other partners to develop undoubtedly the most technologically advanced and exciting iPhone application ever to be released.

To summarise, this iPhone application works with sensors which are connected to your forehead as you sleep and your dreams are recorded and turned into ”movies” which you can watch at your leisure. The invention uses a groundbreaking, new and not yet release technology.

As well as the marvel of rewatching your own dreams, these dream-movies provide valuable insight into the self-psyche for qualified psychological analysis.

The Dreamcatcher iPhone Application will be released in the iStore very soon.

For more details, see the ”The Dreamcatcher Application” at: www.dreamcatcherapp.com