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DUI Attorney Launches New Resource Center for Assisting Drunk Driving Arrestees

Press Release   •   Jul 01, 2013 14:39 BST recently announced their new online resource website aimed at assisting people arrested in Jacksonville, FL for driving under the influence and committing related offenses. The site responds to the urgent need for those facing DUI criminal charges to understand their legal rights and the potential consequences of being convicted.

In addition, DUI Attorney Jacksonville guides website visitors in how to identify and hire a quality Duval County, Florida, DUI law firm . Local residents and area visitors alike find its many features and resources invaluable.

Everyone has learned that one should not drink and drive, yet DUI infractions are commonplace. Like most states, Florida has established a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 as the legal limit. Many do not realize that one or two alcoholic beverages are sufficient to cause the limit to be exceeded.

Other factors also affect BAC, making it easy to miscalculate how much alcohol has gotten into one’s system. Examples of such factors are the amount of food in the stomach, body weight, medications, certain medical conditions, and even gender.

When individuals do misjudge and find themselves under arrest, their best course of actions is to retain a qualified Jacksonville DUI lawyer to defend them. Experienced attorneys make sure their clients receive due process and are skilled defenders, often achieving the dismissal or reduction of the DUI charges their clients face. guides the visitor through the process of finding experienced DWI attorneys. It also is a valuable informational resource for learning about the Florida State DUI code, including the range of penalties associated with the first-, second-, third-, and fourth-time DWI offense, with public intoxication, and with refusing to submit to a DUI chemical test.

Website visitors find not only a detailed yet easily scanned presentation of all possible penalties but also how collateral offenses affect the outcome. For instance, having excessively high BAC (> 0.15), carrying a minor in the vehicle as passenger, or causing serious bodily injury or property damage, tends to escalate the charges and consequences.

On the other hand, if an arrestee’s BAC is only slightly above the legal limit and he has no prior DUI convictions, he stands a reasonable chance of having his charges reduced to reckless driving. However, local prosecutors are unlikely to consider this outcome unless the individual has an experienced DUI attorney in Jacksonville representing him.

This is because prosecutors don’t enter into plea bargains when the defense is weak, inexperienced, or lacks a history of winning cases. Successful attorneys know how to challenge the case evidence effectively, often resulting in the “wet reckless” arrangement.

Florida has passed a Zero Tolerance Law, making it illegal for minors to consume or possess alcohol. Sunshine State charges for such offenses are strong (second-degree misdemeanor) and the penalties harsh, often including revocation of driving privileges, 60 days of jail, and court fines.

Upon arrest for driving while intoxicated, individuals have their licenses confiscated. They are given 10 days to request an administrative hearing to have their driving privileges reinstated. Hence, it is wise to hire a Jacksonville DUI attorney quickly. is available always to help people work through the daunting process of defending charges of driving under the influence, underage drinking, and public intoxication.


DUI Attorney is dedicated to assisting individuals arrested in the Jacksonville area for driving under the influence. Website visitors gain confidence in facing their DWI charges through its extensive and valuable information regarding Florida DUI law. Contact today.

Barbara Thorpe