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dx hosts Neverdaunt:8Bit retro MMO

Press Release   •   Oct 07, 2010 11:12 BST

dx the leading custom hosting solution and services provider dedicated to the games industry, is pleased to announce that it is providing infrastructure, hosting and IP transit for the MMO Neverdaunt:8bit.

Neverdaunt:8Bit is a free to play Sandbox MMO set in a 8 bit stylized 3D world made out of blocks. Entirely shaped by its players the game world is ever changing. Players compete for control over areas and are free to build as they wish, with blocks and Tronics. There are no character classes or levels, power-ups and items worn define a character’s abilities. With no preset quests, players can define their own goals, allowing them to play and create without restriction, making every player’s experience a different one. 

Players capture sections of the landscape and build using the game’s flexible tools.  Splendid castles, surreal sculptures and even floating islands are all waiting to be conquered or created in Neverdaunt. The battles that occasionally break out between communities are some of the most unusual in any game. Neverdaunt’s charm is amplified by the weird expression of player’s personalities within it. More than any other game, Neverdaunt seems like the output of the minds of its players. 

Some of Neverdaunt:8bit’s unique and interesting features include:

Actor Player Characters (APC's)
These are human controlled characters who have their own stories, motivations, and personalities. they offer a completely unique game play experience for the players lucky enough to come across them.

Epic Items
These are one of a kind items that have special abilities or are more powerful then regular items.

Tronics are an in game visual programming language that lets you make traps, lock things with passwords, animate blocks, etc.

Blocks & Block Packs
Everywhere you look, blocks are what the world is made of. You start with the basic building pieces, and can buy extra packs through the shop, when a new block pack is released to the shop, everyone automatically gets to try it out!

Social Consequences
Players have the ability to do things like take other players' building space, and kill other players. Because of this, how you act, your friends and foes, affects your game experience.

No $ Advantage
All buyable items have zero effect on game play, so no one can have an upper hand simply because they paid.

About Robot<3Kitty
Indie game developer Robot<3Kitty is based in Upstate New York, USA. Their first game, Neverdaunt:8Bit was conceptualized and designed single-handedly by Robot<3Kitty founder Calvin Goble, an artist and self taught programmer.  Calvin has been working hard to create the game that he has always wanted to play, even with it's numerous game elements that no large game company would risk. Calvin hopes that this game will help redefine the MMO genre, and perhaps show game developers that there are other ways to do things instead of making a MMORPG clone.

About dx
A leading custom hosting solutions provider dedicated to the games industry, dx understands the special needs of games companies. Using multi-homed network infrastructure and Tier 4 data centres in Europe and the USA dx delivers the performance, reliability and crucially the economy, needed to ensure stunning gameplay and a faultless end user experience.

dx clients include some of the biggest names in gaming with deployments ranging from latency sensitive First Person Shooter clusters, complex MMORPG server farms, robust web and dB driven applications through to business continuity cover. The knowledgeable and experienced dx team have been at the heart of online gaming and managed services for over two decades.  For more information visit www.dx.net