Easirent branches out into Insurance Hires

Press Release   •   Jan 05, 2017 12:06 GMT

After another incredible year of growth, Easirent bosses decided to make the move to insurance hire to utilise the fleet during quieter months when the volume of holiday-hires have reduced.

With close to 3000 brand new vehicles on fleet ranging from colourful Fiat 500's to classic estate cars right up to luxury SUV's and vans, Easirent has all the right ingredients for a new venture with Direct Hire, a new part of Easirent that will be a leading provider of courtesy vehicles to a number of insurance companies' customers who have had an accident and are temporarily off the road.

In order to keep up with the availability, Easirent has commissioned ten new branches to open in 2017. The locations of which are yet to be disclosed but close to cities that are not yet under Easirent's reach, such as Norwich, Exeter, Dundee and Newquay. As well as opening second airport branches in the cities they currently work in such as Dublin and Belfast.

CEO Comments

Easirent's MD gave the following statement -

"Several new partners have been added to the company, bringing in more customers and we're working on direct reservations from countries like China and Australia, as they hold such a large percentage of overseas travellers to the UK.

The fleet will increase to over 4000 cars by June, ready for the peak summer months. We need to make sure our branches and teams are watertight so that operations can run smoothly. Our customers are still the most important thing to us, and ensuring they have a great experience is the focus of 2017."

Plans for 2017

A few things that will help improve Easirent's customer service this year are the changes to Easirent's fuel policy, a total rehaul of the existing customer feedback process, improved new-look design of the website and smoother checkout process, a brand new app for customers to make and keep track of their reservations as well as a wider selection of new cars for customers to choose from.

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Easirent has over 25 years of experience in the car and van hire industry and has taken the UK by storm. With branches in every major city and at every airport, the lowest prices in the market and exceptionally good customer service it’s no wonder they are going from strength to strength. You can find them on all good car rental comparison sites or book direct through their website www.easirent.com.