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‘East Meets W1’ shines a light on Sichuan art and culture

Press Release   •   Feb 08, 2013 09:36 GMT

‘East Meets W1’ shines a light on Sichuan art and culture

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London 7th February: To celebrate Chinese New Year ‘East Meets W1’ Art Exhibition brings the colour and beauty of China’s Sichuan Province to London’s west end.

Running from 15th to 17th February at Art Galleries Europe London Gallery, the exhibition will showcase seven of the region’s leading artists, giving Londoners an insight into modern interpretations of ‘Sichuan Style Art’.

Known as China’s ‘Kingdom of Heaven’, Sichuan Province is famous for its staggering beauty, spicy food, and rich culture. Its capital city, Chengdu, is one of the most prosperous in China thanks to a vibrant technology sector and booming tourism trade.

However, alongside the gleaming skyscrapers, Chengdu has a rich tradition of literature and art. Throughout its history, this beautiful city has been a meeting point for some of China’s greatest writers and artists.

Andrew Methven Chief Executive of event organisers Newland PR commented: “The art on display here is exceptional and a unique insight into one of China’s most beautiful and culturally rich regions.”

Among the featured artists will be Liu Xiaoping whose ‘National Treasure Panda’ painting celebrates Sichuan’s status as a centre for conservation. Meanwhile, the work of award winning artist Li Hui showcases the beautiful landscape of Sichuan. 

The exhibition will also provide a fascinating window into the culture of Chinese art and calligraphy. Calligraphy is often written as a poem and is added to Chinese paintings of landscapes or portraits of flowers adding extra depth.

Throughout the weekend visitors will have a chance to enjoy the work of the seven featured artists but perhaps the biggest attraction comes during the opening ceremony. Guests will be given a unique chance to meet the artists themselves and work with them to jointly create a brand new work of art. The work will be signed by all seven artists and awarded to one guest by lucky draw.

"It promises be a great event,” Andrew Methven adds. “Having some of Sichuan's finest artists gathered in London is a rare treat, and the fact that they will be making art together with guests at the opening ceremony is a special opportunity indeed."

East Meets West is organised by Newland PR and hosted by the Chengdu Association for Cultural Exchange with Foreign Countries. You can find out more at 

You can also join the discussion on Facebook where you’ll have a chance to see what’s on, discuss the art and take part in a number of competitions. Those who ‘like’ the Culture Chengdu Facebook page will have a chance win prizes such as Chengdu panda prints, and tickets for a once in a lifetime trip out to Chengdu.

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