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East Midlands based Moore Stephens Financial Services investments outperform the market

Press Release   •   Feb 16, 2011 17:08 GMT

Investments made by the expert team at East Midlands-based Moore Stephens Financial Services have outperformed the market – a research report published this month has revealed.

Jilly Mann, Operations Director at the Northampton, Corby and Peterborough-based company, compared the firm’s 2010 investment performance against benchmarks such as the FTSE 100 index, FTSE All Share Index and FTSE World Share Index.

Her research concluded that Moore Stephens Financial Services investments outperformed when compared with every index, including the FTSE Gilt Index and Libor (bank deposit rates).

Jilly explained: “We have outperformed when placed against every index and, even more remarkable is that we have done this with far less volatility – in other words much less risk. Normally the reverse is true and to get higher returns you have to take more risk. However, if you take our moderate risk portfolio as an example, it outperformed the FTSE 100 index by a staggering 35% - and it did so with almost half the level of risk.”

And there is good news for cautious investors too. The Moore Stephens Cautious portfolio produced a return of 15.55% during 2010, compared to only 1.41% if you had your money in an average bank deposit account.

Jilly added: “We put the company’s success down to diversification and the fact that we always err on the side of caution. Our clients all have a similar outlook, they want us to spread their money around in different types of investments and they want us to generate good steady returns for them rather than the get rich quick, boom or bust approach employed elsewhere.”

These excellent investment results are not the first time staff at Moore Stephens Financial Services have had reason to celebrate. As well as having a record breaking year in 2010 Moore Stephens Financial Services was also awarded Chartered Financial Planner status, the culmination of six years hard work, and beat scores of UK wide firms to be crowned the UK’s Chartered Financial Planners of the Year by the Personal Finance Society.


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