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Press Release   •   Feb 02, 2011 21:40 GMT

As we slowly enter a post-recession (or so we’re being told) world, Easyart has seen the effects of the recent economic slowdown reflected in interior and art print buying trends.

2010 has seen property values plummet and in 2011 they’re likely to remain static, as fewer mortgages are approved and home owners decide to remain in their current homes.  This has resulted in a major wave of home renovations as people stay put, meaning that Easyart has had 2 of the strongest years in its 10 year history.  Home redecoration in this period has been cautious, aiming for maximum impact with a minimum of expenditure, resulting in a fashion for the ‘new’ mixed in with the ‘old’.

Customers have complemented existing pictures with new ones by the same artist, or are seeking a new art print to go into an old antique frame.  This trend should continue, mirroring fashion where vintage or new designer labels are mixed with high street labels.

Cool Brittania posters, anything cosy such as well known brands like “Marmite” and typographical art as seen in the wildly popular “Keep Calm and Carry On” series have been big successes in 2010.  This desire for familiarity is a reaction to the current climate which may only improve marginally in 2011, in the midst of budget cuts.

“As the UK’s largest online retailer of art we get a clear sense of what trends are emerging.  We have over 15,000 visitors to our UK site pages a day and can track, in great detail, what is being viewed and purchased, and the Cool Brittania trend remains strong” says UK Marketing Manager, Mevin Durasamy.  The royal wedding in April is likely to cement this popularity even further.

Another trend is towards themed rooms and repetition for dramatic effect.  “We’ve seen strong demand for sets of themed framed prints e.g. 5 floral prints, 6 food posters or 10 small car prints” says Marc Lickfett, Managing Director of Easyart.  “There is now a tendency to create warm retreats that reflect a hobby or passion, where people are using art to remind them of something they love or aspire to, providing a focus for better times ahead.”


On how consumers will be spending money

  • Mixing antiques with the modern and expensive with cheap for an eclectic selection. Inherited oil paintings placed in the same room as posters and canvas prints.  (Louboutin with Topshop!). See our National Gallery collection at Easyart.com
  • Online. More people are beginning to understand the benefits with buying prints over the internet. It’s cheaper, easier and more inspiring. See our iPhone App at: http://www.easyart.com/iphone/
  • Personalised and custom-framed rather than generic ready-framed artworks: something to reflect the consumer’s personality more closely, fit their home style.
  • Changing decorative accessories e.g. cushions, throws and art according to seasonal trends.

UK Art trends 2011 Identified by Easyart.com

  • Antique maps and vintage posters by artists such as Alphonse Mucha, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Theophile-Alexander Steinlen, focusing on exotic silhouettes, nightlife and the early years of advertising culture.
  • Organic motifs: linear paintings and drawings of natural subjects such as birds, butterflies and leaves.
  • The geometric trend: A trend taken from the fashion world. Sharp, angular shapes in black and white but also in technicolour.  Typical artists include Victor Vasarely, Erin Rafferty, Vassily Kandinsky and Piet Mondrian.
  • Text-based posters, especially the "Keep Calm and Carry On" series which has entered mainstream popular culture.  These are now available in a variety of colours and slogans.  Subversive and humorous variations on these wartime sentiments are also available.
  • Black and white photography (a trend that continues strongly from 2010).  Popular subjects include cities such as London and Paris, stars from the golden age of cinema in the 1940s and 50s and the work of French photographer, Robert Doisneau.
  • Pop art in a comic-strip style by artists such as Roy Lichtenstein and Sheila B.
  • Limited edition lithographs by local and internationally celebrated artists such as Picasso, Chagall, Matisse and Miro.
  • Print walls.   Basically no rules.  Dare to freely combine different motifs and styles in the art prints you choose, but also in terms of frame materials and colours as a personal and fun element in home decor.
  • Humour!

Art trends in the UK compared to other countries

England naturally differs from the other markets and each country tends to favour their own artists, especially when buying lithographs. Common to all sites, however, are photographs of New York and icon Marilyn Monroe, Pop Art (Warhol, Lichtenstein), Vintage Art (Mucha, Steinlen).  Abstract Expressionism (Kandinsky) is strong as are children’s artists such as Sophie Harding.  Jack Vettriano is selling well across all countries that we serve (UK, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy)


Art prints by Jack Vettriano, LS Lowry, and Gustav Klimt.  Football posters and Simpsons posters. Lithographs by Henri Matisse and George Birrell.  Oriental motifs on canvas. Cool Britannia. Text based posters.

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