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Edinburgh Acupuncture Community Clinic Celebrates Its 7th Birthday!

Press release   •   Jun 23, 2014 20:06 BST

For 7 years now, the community acupuncture clinic has made acupuncture available at affordable prices.

The Centre for Holistic Health, an Edinburgh based acupuncture and alternative therapies centre, runs the popular community clinic offering affordable acupuncture making this treatment more accessible. The multi-bed clinic runs at 5a York Place Edinburgh on Thursday mornings and costs £15 for a 15 minute session after an initial consultation.

Often, the people who need acupuncture treatment the most are unable to work and can’t afford it. The 15 minute treatments will cost £15 as opposed to the usual £35, making it available to many who had no access to this alternative therapy before.

The no-frills treatment means that more patients can be seen at one time, reducing the cost considerably. 

The treatments are provided by Charmaine Shepherd who is a member of the British Acupuncture Council. She believes that healthcare should be more accessible to all that need it regardless of their financial situation commenting, “we will try to accommodate as many patients as we can regardless of their situation.”

Multi-bed clinics have grown in popularity whereby patients have less privacy but greater access to treatment.  It may not be suitable to everyone, especially if the condition is complex and needs dedicated time.  However, most people enjoy the more social environment and connection with others.

Acupuncture is a component of traditional Chinese Medicine which uses specific points on the body to affect its physiological processes. It has evolved over more than 5000 years into a comprehensive system of healing that restores and maintains health on many levels. Acupuncture is rapidly gaining popularity in the west as an increasing number of scientific studies show evidence of the effectiveness of this treatment in a variety of conditions.

Although acupuncture is more commonly known for its effectiveness in pain management, it can effectively treat many ailments. Acupuncture has been surprisingly successful in treating hormonal imbalances, skin diseases, digestive disorders, stress-related conditions and has even been show to support cancer treatments.  

Patients must call into the clinic for an initial assessment of their condition. Not all conditions are treatable with acupuncture and if the case is complex, individualized care may be needed rendering the multi-bed system unsuitable.  Once an appointment is scheduled for a consultation, the acupuncturist will decide on the best treatment strategy for the condition.

For acupuncture relief in just 15 minutes for £15, call 0131 556 8440 for a consultation and come to the Acupuncture Community Clinic on Thursday Mornings at the Centre for Holistic Health, 5aYork Place Edinburgh.

Notes to Editors: The Centre for Holistic Health also offers: acupuncture, biofeedback, herbalism, EFT (emotional freedom technique), osteopathy, bodywork, reflexology, homeopathy, massage, reiki and Bach flowers. Available at our Centre located at 5a York Place, Edinburgh.

Contact details: Heather Blenkinsop, Centre for Holistic Health, 5AYork Place,Edinburgh,EH1 3EB Tel: 0131 556 8440 Email: info@centre4holistichealth.co.uk Web: http://centre4holistichealth.co.uk Photos available.

The Centre for Holistic Health is an alternative therapies clinic in central Edinburgh. The edge we have over every other holistic or alternative medicine centre in Edinburgh is our patient-centred holistic approach. Our therapists do not merely ‘rent rooms’ we work together to treat the whole person using what ever therapies are needed. Therapies include: acupuncture, biofeedback, EFT (emotional freedom technique), osteopathy, bodywork, reflexology, homeopathy, massage and Bach flowers. Available at our Centre located at 5a York Place, Edinburgh.