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Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue Brings High-Impact Communication Facilities for Impressive Presentations

Press Release   •   Aug 26, 2012 14:32 BST

Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue is already well known for its commitment to providing highly valued hosting services for business events. Now the training and conference venue have customised their walls to meet the very latest presentation needs. The introduction of WALLTALKERS means that presenters can now seamlessly mix notes, drawings, feedback and computer images to make the maximum impact with delegates and customers.

This innovation for the Edinburgh training venue means that people can now deliver the high standard presentations that make an exceptional difference in the business world and set the businesses who deliver them apart from the rest. There are two key advantages to using this system; everything can be larger and can be kept visible in the same place (there’s no more flipping backwards through flipcharts to see what was written an hour ago), and because everything is held on the wall it’s easier for delegates or customers to see the vital connections throughout the entire presentation.

Commenting on the benefits of using walltalkers during a training course, Ronnie Malcolm, instructor at EUSA, said: "The walltalker in 2.2 is great! Its introduction coincided with us doing an exercise that filled the wall!! Thanks!" Walltalkers are already a necessity in corporations, universities and medical schools throughout the United States, and now the Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue has taken the step of bringing this brilliant innovation to their customers.

So now in addition to their state-of-the art conference rooms, training rooms, meeting rooms and video-conference rooms, they offer local businesses the opportunity to turn a whole wall into a combined whiteboard and projector screen, where the presenter can write and display images at the same time. Communication possibilities are endless. With businesses looking nowadays for ways to reduce corporate travel costs for training and business meetings, video-conferencing facilities are becoming more and more popular.

Walltalkers are a really effective presentation tool in both face-to-face meetings and video conference meetings. The combination of good quality, live video signal with versatile, bright presentation whiteboards, can greatly improve the entire video-meeting experience. At Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue all these various training and conference facilities are available and easy to use. In addition to that, the venue staff have an excellent reputation for effective service to help their customers deliver high standard presentations.

Mike Glaire
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