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Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue Opens the Doors of Its Video Conferencing Rooms to Help Businesses Connect

Press Release   •   Aug 28, 2012 15:17 BST

In a business world with increasing competition, limited budgets, hectic schedules and environmental concerns, video conferencing has gained huge popularity. If you would prefer to conduct your business in a more timely and efficient manner, then take advantage of the superb video conferencing facilities available at the Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue. Located at the heart of the city centre, the Edinburgh Training and Conference Venuenow has state-of-the-art facilities that include video conferencing rooms and a team of professional technicians. Together, they will ensure that your conference, training session or sales presentation will run smoothly.

Video conferencing reduces travel costs and saves time

Nowadays there is even more need for professional people to collaborate worldwide. Face-to-face meetings are the most effective in terms of communication, but are often very expensive and impractical. This is why businesses find video conferencing the most cost effective way to run different types of events at long distance. Hiring a meeting room with video conferencing facilities for your business event in Edinburgh saves on flights and hotels costs and also prevents everyone involved from spending productive hours travelling.

Video conferencing increases productivity

As technology has improved over the years, the quality of video conferencing has reached the high standards needed in business and educational settings. Whether you represent a company who wants to connect its employees and customers, you are a long distance training or education provider, or you just want to hold a meeting with a long distance business partner, video conferencing provides the most effective means of face-to-face interaction for your business event in Edinburgh. Individuals participating in the conference call now have the option of sharing documents, PowerPoint Presentations or photos, while viewing each other’s actions via the computer monitor. This allows effective information sharing and faster decision making. The result is increased productivity across your organisation and the ability to stay ahead of your competitors.

Video Conferencing is energy efficient

Organisations are increasingly conscious of their contribution to pollution levels nowadays and they look for ways of reducing their carbon footprint. By dramatically reducing the need for travel, video conferencing allows you to substantially reduce your effect on the global environment.

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