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Efficiency Index – the global benchmark with the shortest output and the best ROI – in new 2013/2014 version

Press release   •   Aug 05, 2013 16:21 BST

Telecom operator revenue is under pressure. Increased competition leads to decreased prices. At the same time, mobile data growth has transformed the business of operators: In many markets, data services are more used than voice and messaging – and operators are rapidly realizing that data need to be limited to be monetized whereas voice and messaging need to be made unlimited to prevent over-the-top players to take a more significant role.

“In this situation, investors and analysts are requiring operators to improve efficiency”, says Fredrik Jungermann, of tefficient. “They want operators to get more out of less.”

But many operators are already very efficient. And many are improving their efficiency. The problem is to communicate this to investors and analysts – and internally.

The Efficiency Index, which now comes in a new version for 2013/2014, compares the efficiency of mobile operators globally – using one, indexed, figure. It is simple to communicate – and simple to understand and compare.

Based on only 30 input data points, tefficient can provide any mobile operator globally with its own Efficiency Index. The calculation can be turned around in a week and to a cost of just 2000 EUR.

 “Following onto the successful first Efficiency Index, we’ve now recalibrated it against the freshest data from 400 operators globally – introducing the Efficiency Index 2013/2014”, says Fredrik Jungermann. “Read more and follow the development of the operator top list at www.efficiency-index.com.”

About Efficiency Index

Efficiency Index provides operators, investors and analysts with a reliable comparison of the efficiency of telecom operators around the world. Efficiency Index is based on thorough research – collecting, analysing and correlating data from more than 400 local telecom operators globally – combining it with data from telecom regulators, governments and international institutions like IMF, ITU and UN. The Efficiency Index is invented and managed by tefficient. Read more at www.efficiency-index.com

About tefficient

tefficient is an international efficiency specialist providing telecom operators and -suppliers with analysis, benchmarks, consulting and coaching. Read more at www.tefficient.com