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Elecomm is Committed to the CNCI Certification

Press release   •   May 05, 2016 10:55 BST

Total Solutions provider for the electrical and communications industry, Elecomm is supporting and endorsing the Certified Network Cable Installer (CNCI®) certification and ensuring the company’s entire team of installation professionals are certified.

The CNCI® program provides the new must-have certification for network cabling professionals. It reflects real-life scenarios in addition to the correct standards and working practises needed by todays’ network cabling professionals. It is delivered by the global network infrastructure education experts CNet Training who work with leading network infrastructure organisations across the UK to develop this industry changing certification. Since its launch it has received strong industry acceptance and has been fully endorsed and approved by major industry organisations as the official certification for their teams.

The certification perfectly supports Elecomm’s core values and company ethos of professionalism, customer focus and quality in everything it does. In ten days the certification provides cable installers with everything they need to confidently and accurately prepare, install, test and certify copper and fibre cabling systems.

Chris Thomas, Managing Director of Elecomm says, “In an industry where core values are sometimes ignored, we believe that with the introduction of, and commitment to the CNCI® certification, the entire network cable infrastructure sector will benefit from a more informed, qualified and certified resource base.”

Elecomm recently sent a number of employees on the CNCI® program and have received great feedback all round. Chris said: “This is a great certification, it enables our teams to demonstrate the highest levels of knowledge, skills and expertise in network cabling. Even our experienced staff feel they are learning new skills and have the ability and added confidence to deliver even higher quality installations. With this renewed confidence our teams feel more valued and empowered in their day-to-day work, which is fantastic for them and the business.”

Delivered on an on-going basis at CNet Training’s dedicated facility at Barking and Dagenham College and at CNet’s headquarters in Suffolk, the CNCI® program is proving more popular than ever as it gains more endorsers and supporters industry wide, from installers and manufacturers to consultants and other industry associations. It truly is set to shape the future of the industry, something Andrew Stevens, CNet Training’s CEO is keen to see with his objective of creating a legacy of delivering sustained quality and a more confident future throughout the industry as a result of professionally certified knowledge.

In conclusion, Chris adds, “We truly believe in the need for standardised education and certification throughout the industry with the CNCI®. It now forms a key cornerstone in our strategy for growth over the next few years. As a matter of policy, potential recruits with CNCI® certification will be viewed more favourably throughout Elecomm than those without.”

For more information on CNet Training’s programs, please go to or call 01284 767100.

About CNet Training

CNet Training is an international award-winning training company. They have designed and delivered professional network infrastructure training programs since 1996. Today, being the largest training provider in the world dedicated to the data centre and network infrastructure industry, they are recognised globally for being the industry leaders and the only dedicated training provider to award both internationally recognised qualifications and professional certifications. CNet is trusted and renowned for its comprehensive and technically in-depth programs, and its quality of delivery by instructors who, themselves, have years of experience working within data centre facilities. A significant part of CNet’s history is the development of the highly acclaimed Global Data Centre & Network Infrastructure Education Framework, which offers industry professionals an opportunity to map and configure data centre training, industry recognised qualifications, and official certifications to meet individual and business needs.

CNet Training deliver their programs in locations across the world and, in addition to their impressive client list of multinational organisations, they are proud of our close associations with the world’s leading trade associations and industry bodies including the Data Centre Alliance, AFCOM, Broad Group, Green Grid, ISO quality standards and Pearson Edexcel. So trusted is our expertise that we also design and deliver vendor-specific programs for many of the world’s leading manufacturers of data centre and network infrastructure solutions.

About Elecomm

Elecomm are a communication, electrical and mechanical contractor, providing a complete range of electrical & mechanical installation, data and IT services from design through to installation, as well as testing and maintenance for the commercial, retail and industrial sectors of business.Elecomm offers the latest technologies and systems, delivered by highly skilled and motivated personnel providing industry leading solutions. From new electrical installations through to refurbishments and electrical testing Elecomm’s Electrical Division provides all aspects of project requirements.