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Uberstrom signs the Italian band Serpenti and releases Dizzy

Press Release   •   Nov 12, 2013 13:56 GMT

The Swedish electro rock label Uberstrom is now releasing its third release Dizzy by the Italian band Serpenti. Today a new music video is also released on YouTube!

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Welcome to Serpenti’s world: where italo-disco and the new wave atmospheres meet the sounds of the modern electro-pop scene.

Serpenti is an Italian electro pop duo, born in 2007 with the intent to merge electro/dance music with rock sonorities and pop vocal melodies.

Their sound is based on the unique use of bass guitars, analog synthesizers, drum machines and it's characterized by bouncy grooves and powerful bass riffs.

After 8 singles, 2 albums in their country and more than 300 live shows all around the world (Italy, Hungary, UK, China, USA) the duo has decided to begin a new adventure with Cyclone, their first English album.

Serpenti is the latest addidtion to the artist line-up of the Uberstrom label. “The signing of Serpenti means a lot to the Uberstrom brand by widening the sound to include a pop and rock merge to the previous classic rock and punk rock electronic sounds. We are happy to have Serpenti onboard” - Says Mikael Arthursson, label manager of Uberstrom.

The release of Dizzy includes some stunning visuals in their music video which adds yet another dimension to the release. View the video at:

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The release is out now on Uberstrom, a part of the Substream Music Group of Sweden. 

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