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Emora Limited Detail Traits of Successful Leaders

Press Release   •   Apr 17, 2018 14:09 BST

Nottingham's direct sales and marketing firm Emora Limited has responded to a recent study conducted by the UK’s leading job vacancy site, CV-Library. Researchers deduced that up to 82% of British workers detailed having a weak leader in the workplace.

Emora Limited: About the firm

Over 93% of those 1,200 surveyed considered strong leadership to be an essential in the workplace, a statistic that Emora Limited resonates with. The firm has a strong focus on developing the skills and qualities of those wishing to progress within the industry. Emora has therefore responded to statistics found throughout the survey that detailed the worst traits displayed by weak leaders.

Of the participants surveyed negative traits displayed by poor managers in the workplace consisted of lack of communication abilities (36%), showing favouritism (33%), unprofessional personalities (32%) and poor people skills (60%).

In reference to targeting poor leadership within the sales and marketing sector, Emora Limited has detailed crucial aspects they look for within their contractors. The firm considers the following traits to lend themselves well to leadership, encouraging individuals through their in-house business development opportunities.

Efficiently serving others is essential in roles of responsibility states Emora, and this is an act they actively encourage across the firm. The company frequently runs workshops on the subject of active leadership, ensuring their contractors are not commanding or imposing. Emora has a strong company culture focused on empowering others, and putting others needs ahead of one's own.

Strong leaders at Emora are eager to continue the development of their learning, and they understand that a desire to improve comes with knowledge, and gaining experience across a variety of fields within the sales and marketing sector.

Leaders at Emora Limited focus on transparency through their leadership models, and they understand that openness breeds success within the company. The firm is eager to encourage others to voice opinions, driving honesty despite common differences.

Emora Limited has a strong business development programme in place at the company that is focused on the growth of their contractors, eager to create and mould great industry leaders. The company has a focus on the development of skills found to rate highly in the CV-Library survey. High priority qualities Emora is eager to continue to encourage range from confidence (50%) to a motivational persona (27%).



Lauren Harrison: Managing Director

Emora are direct marketing specialists who offer personalised marketing campaigns on behalf of their clients’ brands. Emora offer unique marketing methods whereby they are able to connect with consumers via face-to-face communications. By connecting with consumers one-on-one they are able to forge long-lasting and personal bonds between brand and consumer.