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Empire Z putting pressure on SME’s to make their business stand out in 2018

Press Release   •   Jan 04, 2018 17:12 GMT

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), are the backbone of U.S. economy and employment. Houston-based  Empire Z Inc. is passionate about the progress of SME’s in the US and is putting pressure on them to stand out in 2018.

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Empire Z Inc. contends that in the incredibly competitive business world it can be hard for companies to stand-out, and compete against the ‘big boys’. The customer acquisition specialist is putting pressure on SME’s to stand out by implementing these steps.


Marketing is continuously involving, and there are now a plethora of free and low-cost marketing platforms that companies can utilize to increase brand awareness and market share. Empire Z Inc. argues that traditional marketing methods have become stagnant and uninspiring and consumers are becoming turned off by repetitive above the line marketing strategies. The outsourced sales and marketing firm is urging SME’s to get it right by creating tailor-made marketing campaigns that captivate and engage consumers.


One of the simplest ways for brands to stand out is to differentiate themselves by opting for an unusual web address. A perfect example of this is Lady Gaga’s "BornThisWay.Foundation" domain. Instead of conforming and using one of the common .org or .com domains, companies can easily standout with a unique domain.


Empire Z Inc. is urging brands to adopt a cause that they are passionate about and integrate that into their business. The firm believes that being involved in a cause can be the driving factor for brand awareness and is often a conversation starter. Empire Z Inc. feels that to get it right it’s important to choose a cause that CEO’s and employees genuinely care about and are invested in as this can prove to be beneficial for the company culture as well as being a great marketing strategy.


Empire Z Inc. argues that its fun, friendly and nurturing working environment has been the catalyst for its success and helped the company to stand out amongst its competitors. The firm invests a lot of time and energy into creating a positive and supportive environment where it encourages and assists people to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. The outsourced sales and marketing firm argues that a strong company culture boosts morale, helps with talent acquisition and retention and boosts productivity.

Empire Z Inc. recognizes that not every company is fortunate to have a multi-million-pound marketing and PR budget. However it believes that this is no excuse not to try and compete and utilize every tool at their disposal to help them become a market leader. The outsourced sales and marketing expert is urging SME’s to implement the above strategy to make their business stand out in 2018.


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