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Empire Z reveal why college degrees aren’t what they used to be.

Press Release   •   Jan 22, 2018 22:52 GMT

With studies showing that  less than 20% of college graduates leave higher education with a job, Houston-based sales and marketing expert,  Empire Z believes that college degrees aren't what they used to be.

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In years gone by, when a college education was affordable, graduates secured offers for higher-paying jobs by merely attaining a degree. However, now in 2018, there has been a staggering rise in college costs and a steep decline in graduates securing roles based on a degree. An ardent advocate of entrepreneurship, Empire Z has revealed why it believes that college degrees no longer hold the influence that they used to.

The average cost of one year in a public college is now $25000.  Empire Z believes that as college tuition continues to skyrocket, the unfortunate outcome is that debt is killing dreams. Recent studies have shown that young adults are delaying significant life milestones because of college debt. While there are many benefits of pursuing higher education, the real-life gains are not what they once were. “There is no guarantee of a high paying job, and people are noticeably feeling the effects,” commented Bing Zou, CEO at Empire Z.

“A degree is a tremendous achievement, however it is not a guarantee of success,” argues Mr Zou. Empire Z argues that a degree illustrates someone’s ability to learn and apply themselves, however many graduates do not have life experience which can be a considerable influence on professional success. Many businesses don't make offers based on degrees. While most companies will recognize a candidate’s degree, the majority of hiring managers look for practical experience. Empire Z believes that the lack of relationships between colleges and businesses are affecting graduates chances of securing a job related to their field of study. At Empire Z, the firm doesn't pre-judge people based on education or experience as it believes that as long as someone possesses a great student mentality, a strong work ethic and a positive, ‘can do’ attitude, it can provide them with all of the necessary skills to succeed.

Empire Z work with a diverse group of individuals from a variety of educational and occupational backgrounds. CEO Bing Zou appreciates the hard work and commitment that goes into securing a college degree, however from his personal experience as a hiring manager; he believes many drawbacks are massively impacting people.

Empire Z Inc. focuses on developing innovative campaigns that enable brands to create a well-rounded brand image. As a young firm with big goals, creating a strong workforce plays a pivotal part in that, and the firm’s experience with graduates has left it feeling that college degrees aren’t what they used to be.



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