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Empire Z urge entrepreneurs to focus on making a good first impression

Press Release   •   Jan 11, 2018 14:56 GMT

In business, first impressions count for everything argues Empire Z . The Houston based direct sales and marketing specialist is urging entrepreneurs to focus on making a good first impression.

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CEO at Empire Z, Bing Zou is a passionate business coach and mentor who frequently attends networking events where first impressions count. The award-winning business owner is urging fellow entrepreneurs to hone their skills and make sure they make their first impression the best it can be.

1. Look the part

Appearance plays a massive role in a first impression claims Empire Z. “Before someone’s personality can shine through, people are first noticed and judged on their appearance,” commented Mr Zou. There’s a well-known expression “don’t judge a book by its cover,” however when it comes to first impressions; this expression is mostly ignored.

It doesn’t require large sums of money, just smart, professional attire.

2. Utilize body language

Body language is a very under-valued characteristic. How someone holds themselves and how they interact with others is integral to making a great first impression. “When meeting new people, it’s important to portray confidence. Walk into a room with your shoulders back and head held high and people will pay attention,” commented Mr Zou.

3. Prepare a great introduction

Mr Zou believes that the key to making a good first impression is having an excellent introduction. The Empire Z CEO is urging entrepreneurs to take the time to prepare a great introduction to capture people’s attention and engage them. "The first sixty seconds of meeting something is crucial. If you're serious about making a good impression, you’ll need to have a great introduction," said Mr Zou.

4. Show Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is infectious; it makes someone stand out from the crowd and also makes them memorable argues Empire Z. Mr Zou contends that someone who is enthusiastic is more fun to be around and people will gravitate towards them.

5. Have two-way conversations

Conversations are a two-way street claims Mr Zou. When someone is continuously speaking and failing to let someone else talk, they can come across either not interested or full of themselves, and neither is good. "The most effective conversations are between two people and involves the dialogue rebounding from one to the other," commented Mr Zou.

6. Believe in yourself

Confidence is one of the essential traits for success. Empire Z work hard to instil confidence in its contractors and coach and train them to expand their knowledge and increase their confidence. Mr Zou argues that confidence can unlock doors for people. Interacting with new people requires confidence, and it will create a successful first impression.

7. Eliminate Fear

Meeting new people can be daunting for some, especially if they have the potential to influence their life and career; however, fear is just merely a four-letter word. Mr Zou encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to acknowledge their fears but to remember that they aren't real and it’s all in the mind.

Empire Z Inc. focuses on developing innovative campaigns that enable brands to create a well-rounded brand image. The firm is an advocate of entrepreneurship and frequently hosts workshops and seminars to help them learn, grow and develop.


Bing Zou: CEO


Empire Z Inc. focuses on developing innovative campaigns that enable brands to create a well-rounded brand image. Utilizing cost-effective face to face acquisitions and advertising brands big and small can achieve a larger market share and improve brand image within location-specific campaigns