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ENER-G demonstrates proven biogas generation solutions

Press Release   •   May 05, 2012 15:21 BST

ENER-G Natural power has manufactured, installed and operates in excess of 120MW of biogas power generation from anaerobic digestion, landfill and associated gases. .

ENER-G is the leading independent landfill gas utilisation company in the UK and applies its vast expertise to the AD market. It has a number of AD projects in operation within farming, dairy and municipal waste sectors.  The company also has vast experience of generating high value power and heat from sewage, including its 4.5 MWe biogas cogeneration system at the Budapest wastewater treatment plant. 

ENER-G’s flexible financing menu includes a capital purchase option; medium and long term leasing of generating plant; a shared ROC/FIT scheme; and a fully financed option which involves ENER-G installing and operating the generation equipment with no capital cost to the organisation at the ‘back-end’ of the AD process.

“AD is a viable, proven technology that is currently under-deployed in this country compared to other parts of Europe,” said Scott Tamplin, AD Business Development Manager for ENER-G Natural Power.  “In combination with Feed-in-Tariff incentives for smaller scale AD generation, and Renewable Obligation Certificates for larger projects, the new Renewable Heat Incentive will unlock investment in the sector.”

 For further information contact Scott Tamplin: or visit the ENER-G stand at B35