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ENER-G demonstrates proven landfill gas generation solutions at Wastecon 2012

Press Release   •   Aug 05, 2012 09:32 BST

ENER-G  will demonstrate its proven landfill gas generation solutions at Wastecon 2012 (14-16 August) in Washington D.C, USA, on stand 1448.

ENER-G and its sister company Biogas Technology have been global leaders in landfill gas capture and utilisation for the past two decades, bringing major environmental and financial benefits.. 

ENER-G operates in excess of 120MW  of landfill gas generation across the globe, providing green power for homes and industry, supplying businesses such as Nissan, which is powering automotive manufacture using  the renewable electricity generated by ENER-G's recently opened landfill gas capture facility in  Mexico, a $7 million investment by ENER-G.

The conversion of waste gas into energy at a single site can typically provide sufficient power for two thousand homes. 

Sustainable waste management is an ongoing global challenge, with every tonne of biodegradable material in the waste producing  in the region of 200m3 to 400m3 of landfill gas over the period of its decomposition. Landfill gas typically contains 50-60% Methane (CH4), and 30-40% Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

Methane, in particular, is highly potent and has a global-warming potential 21 times greater than that of carbon dioxide. Should methane migrate off-site, and build up in an enclosed area, it can also pose a hazard to surrounding property due to its explosive characteristics.

The simplest method to manage this problem is to flare the landfill gas, therefore converting the methane to CO2. But the landfill gas can also be converted from a liability into an asset by generating electricity from the biogas.

ENER-G provides both gas collection networks  and the use of the collected gas to generate electricity.

ENER-G’s unique modular approach enables local governments and private waste management companies to maximise the landfill gas resource by matching the installed capacity to the gas volumes extracted from the site.

The company provides a  system of portable, modular landfill gas generator units with electrical outputs ranging from as little as 300kW to 2MW. A  mix of generators can, therefore, be cost-effectively used to capitalise on peaks, manage gaps in site gas production or extend the period of gas utilisation. With innovative capacity matching, a 300kW generator enables electricity and revenue generation to continue long after the operation of larger units cease to be economically viable. These small generators also provide the opportunity to offset the cost of gas management on old and small sites.

Particular management of the gas-fuelled engine in the generator system enables both impure and contaminated landfill gas to be used as a fuel. The damaging effects of the contaminants in the gas are minimised by adapting the engine's operation and adopting a tailored maintenance regime.

ENER-G’s flexible financing menu includes a capital purchase option; medium and long term leasing of generating plant and fully financed options which involves ENER-G installing and operating the generation equipment with no upfront capital cost.

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