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ENER-G Procurement helps organisations spot the best time to buy energy

Press Release   •   Oct 09, 2012 17:59 BST

ENER-G Procurement has launched a free Bespoke Market Tracker service to help organisations make smarter decisions about their energy purchasing.

The free Bespoke Market Tracker service monitors wholesale energy prices and uses these to predict an organisation's contract renewal prices. It gives an estimated view on how much higher or lower their next energy contract will be, compared to what they are currently paying.

The Market Tracker is a simple, one-page report that gives a quick summary of wholesale energy market prices and the key issues driving them.  It then shows how these developments have affected a specific company’s own gas and electricity prices since the last contract renewal. 

Mark Alston, General Manager of ENER-G Procurement said: “With gas and electricity prices remaining volatile, it is increasingly difficult to identify the best opportunities to enter into a new contract.  Many businesses are unaware that they can set-up new contracts well in advance of their current ones coming to an end.  Often they wait until their renewal is approaching to get prices, which may not be when the wholesale market is most favourable. Such failure to plan ahead can prove to be a costly mistake”.

He added:“The market remains volatile and is prone to increases over the medium term. Businesses should therefore plan ahead now, even if they aren't due to renew until 2013 or 2014. Our Bespoke Market Tracker reports provide companies with the specific intelligence on wholesale energy costs to fix contracts in advance, at the best possible rates."

ENER-G Procurement Limited is an independent energy purchasing specialist.  As part of its procurement services, ENER-G handles all supplier liaison, purchasing and administration, and provides a full invoice validation service to ensure accuracy of billing. Organisations don’t have to be an ENER-G  client to benefit from the free Bespoke Market Tracker service.

 For a free weekly Bespoke Market Tracker report sign up at: email: or call 01527 855088