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England based Entrepreneur uses the power of crowd funding to save children's lives.

Press release   •   Feb 07, 2014 13:21 GMT

Graham Lea

Press release

For immediate release

  England based business man Graham Lea has launched a crowd funding campaign

with Californian crowd funding website indiegogo.com to fight malaria. Graham has

brought together University research, advanced manufacturing and a charity

organisation in an project to reduce child deaths caused by Malaria in Africa.

  The campaign featured on indiegogo.com is live now, donors are beginning to

respond and give cash. Graham works closely with the University of Minho Portugal

where advanced materials research led to a manufacturing technique allowing the

incorporation of a safe and approved insect repellent into clothing with an important


  The solution applied to the Minho clothing is permanent. Regardless how often

the garment is worn or washed the repellent effect is always strong. The Malaria

parasite is transmitted by a mosquito bite. Laboratory and field test have shown  

amazing results with a dramatic drop in mosquito bites and malaria infections.

  The final product will be colourful T shirts incorporating the highly effective

insect repellent solution. Perfect for kids to wear and share. A manufacturer who

specialise in bio-functional clothing is on board and the final distribution to the

children of Africa will be done by the Butterfly Tree charity. The charity has an

outstanding record and works on the front line with at risk children in Africa.

  Like all projects of this nature there is the issue of how to fund it.

All charities and organisations working around the world fighting Malaria agree

this type of new innovative product and approach is crucial and will give a strong

boost to the overall fight against this killer disease. It adds another weapon in the

armoury and works in conjunction with mosquito nets and all techniques

used in reducing the disease.

The downside is charity funds available are earmarked and being used on the current

Anti malaria tactics and products. The funding has to come from a new source. The

rise in crowd funding platforms seen in recent years has been vast with many

deserving and inspirational campaigns achieving great things.

  Graham set about building a campaign using the world leading crowd funding

website indiegogo.com. The campaign went live very recently and now the hard push

to promote the campaign begins. If successful the campaign can be repeated and the

project will be able to work with all charities making a serious contribution in fighting

this awful disease.

  The fight against Malaria often makes the press and rightly so. The disease is a

killer and despite the huge effort being made to eradicate the disease it still claims

lives at an alarming rate. Figures vary depending on the source but most conclude a

child dies every 60 seconds!

  The mosquito is the enemy infecting each person it bites with the Malaria

parasite. A vaccine is on the way but will be many years before it can be declared

effective and safe. These T shirts offer a very effective way to fight back now.


Textiles and clothing are something virtually every person on our planet has placed against their skin 24/7. The world fight in preventing Malaria uses many well proven tools, mosquito nets are effective I expect you have heard of these. Another highly effective and widely used tool is pesticide sprays. The skintoskin® T shirt will let children and adults take prevention with them where ever they go. It will give protection when they are not in a pesticide treated area or under a mosquito net if they are fortunate enough to have one. Areas like Zambia are remote and the net campaigns make little inroad into these areas. This T shirt is like wearing your own invisible mosquito net, where ever you go the effect is surrounding you and constantly offering proven protection from the fatal bite. The repellent effect is always there and a T shirt can last for years even as a hand me down. The T shirts come in a cool range of colours and kids love them.