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Enjoying More From The White iPhone 4

Press Release   •   Feb 24, 2011 16:17 GMT

There have been so many smartphones that have rolled out of the mobile market. Examples of these phones are the HTC Desire, the Samsung Galaxy S, and the Google Nexus S. These Android handsets come with all the modern Android features that have changed the way we look at mobile devices. However, there is a smartphone that is both innovative and unique. This is the White iPhone 4.

The phone comes with a number of features that many believed pioneered the technology we enjoy today. One of these features is compatibility to apps. With these apps you can make the phone more to your liking. There are literally hundreds of thousands of these apps that you can download from Apple’s app store. Here, you can download anything from tools to eBooks, from entertainment applications to self enrichment, and from business tools to games. Anything you are looking for they have it.

The handset by Apple also comes with a display that will make you enjoy spectacular viewing. Its 960 x 640 LED backlit touch screen display offers images in rich and vivid colors. In fact, it takes high-resolution to a whole new level. The pixels are so minute, that the naked eye cannot distinguish individual pixels. You are sure to enjoy more from videos, images, and graphics on its retina display. Not only does this display make you enjoy high-quality imagery; it is also one of the toughest displays there is. It is highly scratch resistant and can take a lot of pressure. It is the same engineered glass that is use in helicopter cockpits and windshields on high-speed trains.

The White iPhone 4 comes with a unique and powerful mobile processor. It comes with the Apple A4 chip. This 1 GHz processor will allow you run applications fast without draining the batteries quickly. It is also ideal for running complicated and demanding tasks simultaneously without making you notice a decrease in performance.

The smartphone comes with a feature called FaceTime. This video calling feature makes use of two cameras to give you one of the best video calling experiences smartphones have to offer.

This is how you enjoy more from the White iPhone 4.

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