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Eric Martin of Florida Business Consulting comments on the importance of the human element in marketing

Press Release   •   Jan 04, 2018 16:42 GMT

Entrepreneur, Business Consultant & Organizational Leader, Eric Martin has commented on the importance of the human element in marketing, as he urges industry leaders to incorporate the human element into their 2018 marketing campaigns.

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Established in 2011,  Florida Business Consulting is a privately held marketing and fundraising services company in Downtown Miami, FL. The firm is responsible for developing management teams to lead clients into new markets, cities, and countries. The company's mission is to bridge the gap between the product and the consumer through in-person interactions.

Managing Director at Florida Business Consulting, Eric Martin contends that it is the firm’s commitment to exclusively using in-person promotions that is the secret to its success. Delivering marketing solutions with a smile and a handshake, utilizing the human element to build relationships with consumers, instil trust and generate both quality and quantity results for their clients.

“People buy from people. In-person interactions allow our team of brand ambassadors to build relationships with customers, handle queries, instil consumer confidence and generate a larger volume of quality customer acquisitions for our clients,” commented Mr Martin.

Mr Martin is urging industry leaders to incorporate the human element into their 2018 marketing campaigns. Mr Martin believes that it is the firm’s commitment to only using people to conduct marketing campaigns is its unique selling point and the secret to its success. “We can capture up to the minute data allowing us to feedback relevant statistics to clients, that many digital advertising campaigns can’t offer,” stated Mr Martin.

Mr Martin argues that one of the key advantages of face to face interactions is the ability to build trust with consumers. “Security is a huge concern for consumers and being able to speak to a person, ask questions and get real-time answers is invaluable,” commented Mr Martin.

An award-winning entrepreneur, Mr Martin has revealed the key advantages of using human interactions and is urging industry leaders to allocate a percentage of their marketing budget to in-person promotions.

Since its inception, Florida Business Consulting has expanded its market reach into seven states across the US, and Mr Martin attributes that success to the firm’s high customer service standards, going over and above to deliver an outstanding customer experience. The entrepreneur argues that those high standards could not be achieved without face to face interactions with consumers.

“Advances in technology provide a great opportunity to reach consumers on a plethora of platforms. However, the back to basics approach of face to face conversations should not be undervalued.” Stated Mr Martin


Eric Martin

Managin Director 

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