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European Cyber and Information Security Showcase

Press Release   •   Feb 04, 2013 14:53 GMT

Organised by UKTI and hosted by the he British Embassy in Vienna: 13th & 14th February 2013

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The Central and Eastern European Cyber and Information Security Showcase will be held at the British Embassy in Vienna this year. The event will be a combination of an exhibition and a series of seminars focusing on cyber and information security opinions, ideas and solutions. Titania will
be showcasing their cyber security auditing tools for network device auditing and compliance.

Titania will be 1 of 18 UK companies who supply cyber and information assurance products and services who will be exhibiting. Attendees of the exhibition and seminars will be made up of representatives from 10 Central and Eastern European countries amongst a wide range of Austrian
organisations and government departments interested in emerging cyber security technologies and trends. 

Ian Whiting, Titania CEO, will be travelling to Vienna to attend the show. Mr Whiting said, ‘We are really looking forward to exhibiting at the British Embassy and networking with the attendees and other exhibitors who will be there. Currently around 80% of our business is export, however the majority of this is to the U.S.A. While we do have customers and partners in Europe, we hope that this event will open new avenues, helping us to expand further into the European market.’

Titania opened offices just over 2 years ago and while the majority of success has been in the UK and the U.S.A, opportunities and business have begun to organically grow in the European market. Titania was recognised in Russia for the product development of the network auditing tool Nipper Studio when they received the certificate for Innovation and Achievement from PC Magazine. Nipper Studio was also nominated for the Cyber Security provider award in the European Smart Metering Awards this year. This demonstrates how knowledge of Titania’s products are filtering into the broader European marketplace.   

The Cyber Security Exhibition in Vienna this month, and Titania’s presence at InfoSecurity Europe in April are just some of the initiatives that the company will be involved with in the coming year.  For more information about the event, the seminars and other exhibitors visit the British Embassy website. For more information regarding our products or activities please contact enquiries@titania.com
call us on (0)105 888785 or visit our website www.titania.com

At Titania we develop cyber security auditing software. We currently provide our flagship product Nipper Studio to global organisations in 40 countries. Nipper Studio allows organisations to produce their own network security audits on network devices without generating network traffic. We have recently launched our new product Paws, (Professional Auditor for Workstations and Servers). This tool enables organisations to produce advanced and intelligent compliance audits on their own network windows based, workstations and laptops.Our customer base is made up largely of organisations in the financial, telecommunications, IT security, and government and defence industries. However any organisation that has sensitive data to protect can benefit from using our network security auditing tools.