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ExtraMile brings responsive design websites to its clients

Press Release   •   Jul 05, 2012 17:21 BST

Companies crave visibility for their products and services, regardless of the context in which their potential clients find themselves. Traditionally, a website was viewed on a laptop or desktop computer. Nowadays however, many web visitors use mobile devices such as phones or tablets. Standard websites do not respond in a friendly fashion to these contexts, frequently necessitating zooming and repetitive scrolling in order for the content to be accessed.

A solution to this was the "Mobile website" - an ancillary site that sat in parallel with the main site and provided a cut-down set of information for mobile users. Apart from this major restriction, website owners then suddenly had two sites to manage and update.

Now there is a solution, brought to you by ExtraMile Communications Ltd, based in Staffordshire. The latest exciting development is responsive design websites - a technology whereby the website configures itself, automagically, to match the environment in which it is being viewed.

For example, ExtraMile's own site can be viewed full width on a high resolution screen and will display its content in a full-scale layout. Take that same site to an iPad or other tablet and normally the presentation would look rather cramped and fonts would appear small. Not so with responsive design. The site detects the device being used and reconfigures all of its content to be more appropriate to that context.

Go down another level to an iPhone or Android phone and the site changes once more to match the more constrained environment.

If you check the ExtraMile website on a full size screen, take the corner of your browser window and gradually make the window smaller - just watch how the site reconfigures itself, on the fly. It's automagic!

Find out more about responsive design today.

Watch a demonstration of responsive design on Youtube

ExtraMile Communications Ltd is a marketing and web technologies company, based in Eccleshall, Staffordshire. It's a full service marketing company and specialises in email marketing (including multilingual email marketing), web design and all associated technologies. It has a reputation for high quality work and innovative approaches to marketing problems. The company is ISO-9001 accredited and is a member of UKITA.

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