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EyeTrackShop Appoints Darren Hamer as Managing Director UK

Press Release   •   Oct 30, 2012 17:01 GMT


EyeTrackShop, the leaders in digital marketing research and developers of the world’s first eye tracking solution for webcams, have appointed Darren Hamer as Managing Director (UK). Hamer will lead the way as EyeTrackShop launches its realCPM platform in the UK, a platform which focuses on data collection for implicit research.


Hamer brings to EyeTrackShop over 14 years experience in the industry. He joins the company after three years as Director in New Business & Operations at Real Media Group, where he led a large UK team overseeing pre- and post-sales delivery, production innovation and growth, and performance management.


On his recent move Hamer said: “What EyeTrackShop can achieve for brands is huge. This is the first time brands are able to test what their consumers are viewing, and in turn the effectiveness of their campaigns, in such a short turn around time and for such a low cost. I’m very excited to be heading up this latest venture of EyeTrackShop here in London.”


EyeTrackShop provides a biometric online eyetracking solution, a major breakthrough in understanding how visitors perceive advertising.  The company believes that explicit research methods (survey questions) alone are unlikely to give an accurate picture of activity, as there are too many things going on below the surface. The eye, as President Jeff Bander says, cannot lie.


In fact, CEO Mathias Plank was recently awarded an Innovation prize in the prestigious ARF Great Minds Award.  The ARF is the gold standard in the marketing research industry, and Plank was given the award in honor of having created and proven the greatest impact of innovation towards methods based on inventiveness, analytics, and harnessing technology. Mathias Plank was awarded and recognised for creating the EyeTrackShop platform which tracks the eye movements and behavioral trends of consumers via live webcam.


And the EyeTrackShop platform can be used for broader research as well.  While brands may use the product to test the effectiveness of ad campaigns, of the image and placement of ads, it can also gauge responsiveness and attention. EyeTrackShop recently did a study into which USA presidential candidate drew people’s attention. The result? Barrack Obama absorbed respondents’ attention and interest 50 per cent quicker than Mitt Romney.




About EyeTrackShop


EyeTrackShop is the world’s first biometric online eye tracking solution for large scale online panels. Its vision is to be the leading data collection service for implicit research. The unique EyeTrackShop platform makes eye tracking studies affordable, easy to understand and accessible for everyone. EyeTrackShop offers research agencies the opportunity to increase the value of their surveys by using eye tracking technology as part of the product range. EyeTrackShop also offers media owners, brand owners, agencies and others a number of standardised studies for those who want to measure the effectiveness of their ad campaigns and improve their communication.



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