Facebook EdgeRank: What Businesses Need to Know

Press release   •   May 17, 2012 16:36 BST

Facebook EdgeRank: What Businesses Need to Know

Many large brands are now using Facebook to promote their products and services to potential customers. We at 360innovate wanted to write a blog post that helps smaller businesses use Facebook to its best potential.

EdgeRank is an algorithm that determines that importance of content on Facebook. An Edge is counted as any action that is taken on facebook. Comments, likes, shares and updates and all known as Edges.

Edgerank allows Facebook to determine what content appears in people’s newsfeeds depending on the popularity of that particular ‘Edge’. Edgerank not only determines which connections are the most important to a user, but more importantly it determines which kinds of content should appear higher than others on a user’s News Feed. If you distribute content that nobody likes or interacts with, it will have a detrimental effect on your Edgerank.

This of course has a major influence on brands – especially small brands and start-up companies. It is therefore essential that companies use Facebook to build relationships with their current and potential customers.

Social media is very similar to traditional marketing techniques. The same tactics are utilised. These tactics are of course based on three simple but very important questions:

1. What is the main aim and objectives?
2. Who is the target market/audience?
3. How to get the message across effectively?

In traditional marketing, businesses would have to target potential customers through the likes of newspaper and magazine adverts. The issue with these kinds of methods is that businesses cannot target their ideal customers directly.

Facebook gives businesses the opportunity to engage and interact directly with their potential and current customers. It is important to note though that not all businesses need to be active online.

So far this blog post has stressed the importance of EdgeRank. While it is crucial that businesses become aware of Facebook EdgeRank, there is no point in interacting with users on your business page if you have not targeted the right type of user as this can have a detrimental effect on your Edgerank.

One way to target users on Facebook is through Facebook Adverts. Not only are Facebook adverts cost effective but businesses are able to pick specific areas to target on Facebook. For example businesses can target their advert directly to their ideal audience by selecting the audience for the specific advert by location, age, gender and interests.

Another useful way to target potential customers on Facebook is by monitoring the success of your business page via Facebook Insights. Insights provide you with metrics based on your content. It allows businesses to see what types of users ‘Like’ their page such as age, location and gender providing businesses with FREE market research data which could help expand their business.

This blog post has pointed out only some of the ways to improve your Facebook business page. It is evident that Facebook is a useful tool for targeting, market research and engagement. Remember Facebook EdgeRank and its benefits and make sure you interact with your Facebook friends with relevant content.

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