FACT-Finder in cooperation with eCommerce Poland educates ecommerce specialists

Press Release   •   Dec 16, 2013 10:30 GMT

Poland is one of the world’s fastest growing ecommerce markets – alongside Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Greece – with annual growth rates expected to reach 30 to 40% and more in the next few years. Indeed, in the next five years, online sales are expected to reach parity with those of Germany or the United Kingdom.

FACT-Finder has embraced this massive growth in Poland’s online shopping culture by partnering with Lazarski University in launching a post-graduate ecommerce education programme to accommodate the need for specialists in this field. The goal of the venture is to develop the professional competences and qualifications required for the economic development of the country and its businesses.

Postgraduate students studying e-commerce at Lazarski University are offered the benefit of practical learning around a range of e-commerce topics as well as the opportunity to work on real-life case studies. In addition, the students showing the most promise will be offered positions in international companies. The programme has been developed in conjunction with e-business experts, such as FACT-Finder, and with the strategic co-operation of the e-Chamber Poland.

Commenting on the venture, Justin Skorupska, managing director of FACT-Finder Poland, said: “Like most employers, we also face a lack of skilled employees in the arena of e-commerce. Moreover, many companies still lack a full understanding of how to conduct an online business. We are fully behind this programme for two reasons: Firstly, there is an ever-growing demand for skilled employees in this market, both from our perspective as a solution provider and also from the clients’ side; and, secondly, it is our mission to pass on our knowledge and to educate wherever we can.”

According to recent research, close to 50% of Polish internet-users are shopping online. Among people below 35 this proportion goes up to nearly 70%. Clothing, shoes, jewellery, books and cosmetics are among the products purchased online on a regular basis.

The Polish e-commerce market has been growing robustly, and although growth of the world’s mature markets such as USA, UK and Japan will continue to slow down to between 9 and 13%, Poland is one of a core group of European countries where online sales will continue to grow the fastest.

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