Church of Sweden

Fair Travel at the TUR Fair

Press release   •   Mar 19, 2012 14:14 GMT

On Friday 23 March from 9 am to 12 pm, the TUR Fair in Gothenburg will be holding a Knowledge and Inspiration Seminar on Sustainable Tourism. The event is being organised by the network Fair Travel, of which the Church of Sweden is a member organisation.

Travel journalism has experienced a massive breakthrough, and enjoys a symbiotic relationship with the tourist industry. But what makes for fair tourism? A new report will be presented on the image put across by by travel journalism and the way in which it raises such issues as conditions of labour, the environment, alcohol and child labour. Those taking part will include travel journalists and tour operator representatives.

Fair Trade is an established and valued concept in business, one which is now being embraced by the tourist industry, and the first country to demonstrate its recognition of this fact is South Africa, which will be hosting the first Swedish Fair Trade trip in the autumn of 2012. The concept of Fair Trade tourism and its positive influence on people will be presented by various parties involved in this field.

See the whole programme in the attached file or else via the above link.

You can take part in the seminar without the need for an entry pass to the TUR Fair: entry is via Gothia Towers, and the venue Room R2. The seminar is free, and open to all those interested.