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Fancy Dress Costumes - Why Hire When You Can Buy?

Press Release   •   Feb 21, 2011 13:57 GMT

OK so we are a fancy dress retailer of course we want people to buy our fancy dress costumes, it’s how we make a living. If the last time you attended a fancy dress function you hired a costume you may be very pleasantly surprised at how you can save money by purchasing a costume. Yes it really can be cheaper to buy your very own brand new costume than to hire one which has been used by numerous people before.

The reason for this I believe is that the fancy dress industry as a whole has grown massively over the last decade. With more and more people attending parties with a theme, hen and stag nights becoming more popular and people generally getting more creative and making a special night out one to remember. Supply has met a growing demand and therefore brought prices down, with the explosion of the internet into most homes and businesses, fancy dress is now more accessible to more people than it has ever been.

Having been in a few hire premises previously the one thing that struck me in both places is the charity shop smell. This is also the smell of the hire costumes you take away with you at great expense and then there is the deposit. Some hire companies ask for excessive deposits when hiring costumes, in some case more than the value of the costume you are hiring. We know as we all buy from the same suppliers!

Always check you hire contract as if you are leaving a substantial deposit and accidentally damage your costume you will not get your deposit back. At least once you have purchased a costume it is a one off cost and if you have an unfortunate accident you can always get it repaired or if it is a cheap costume (as fancy dress costumes start from as little as £9.99) then it is really not the end of the world.

You are also trusting that the costume you have hired has been professionally steam or dry cleaned by the hire company prior to you collecting it. This makes you wonder why there is a  smell in these shops as garments which have been steam cleaned have no odour and dry cleaners certainly don’t smell like your granny’s wardrobe.

If you still need convincing why not browse our extensive range of Fancy Dress Costumes, Fancy Dress Outfits and numerous costume accessories for sale. Our promise to you is all of our costumes are brand new and straight from our suppliers in their original packaging. We have added our costume’s line by line and immediately stop selling any lines we are not happy with.

So what are you waiting for everyone is watching what they are spending in these difficult economic times, why not save yourself a bundle and still have fun by buying your fancy dress costume. Once it’s yours you never know you may even have another occasion to wear it. Happy Shopping!

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