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FDM Group speaks out against shrinking graduate salaries

Press Release   •   Nov 02, 2011 17:22 GMT

A recent study by the Economic Policy Institute found that graduate wages, adjusted for inflation, have deteriorated considerably since 2000.

The report revealed that entry-level hourly wages for men educated to

undergraduate level (without advanced degrees) were $21.77 in 2010, down 4.5% from $22.75 in 2000.

The situation for female graduates is equally bleak with average wages for college-educated women dropping by 5.2% to $18.43 in 2010.

FDM Group CEO, Rod Flavell, said, "These latest employment figures are shocking considering that graduates have invested their time, hard work and money into gaining degrees in order to improve their career prospects.

As a New York based graduate recruiter we want to assure US graduates that if they are searching for well paid jobs within the IT sector then FDM can still offer them a pathway into these."

International IT services provider FDM Group has launched the IT careers of over 3,000 graduates to date through its award winning graduate program which combines the technical training and commercial experience needed to enter field.

Once FDM IT Consultants are placed within one of FDM's 200 blue-chip clients after an initial training phase of 12-16 weeks, they also receive a competitive wage, thus ensuring financial stability

The success of the company's program is already evident in the US and since launching its Wall Street Academy earlier this year, FDM has filled 100% of its trainee vacancies.

FDM Recruitment Manager Madeleine Field said, "Over the last 20 years we have helped thousands of talented graduates bridge the gap between the university and unemployment. We are thrilled with the success and upcoming expansion of ourNew YorkAcademyand look forward to supporting many more US graduates in the coming years.

And with a 63.2% turnover growth in the US in 2010 and huge client demand from world famous companies such as UBS, Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse, the opportunities FDM can offer US graduates are certainly impressive.

For more information about FDM visit: www.fdmacademy.com