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FEIYUExSELFRIDGES: Interactive Pop-up Shop Launch

Press Release   •   Nov 14, 2010 00:26 GMT

The forward thinking French sneaker brand Feiyue ( is proud to announce

the opening of its first innovative, interactive Pop-up Shop exclusively at Selfridges, London on November

29 2010 until January 4 2011.


The entrance of Selfridgesʼ critically acclaimed Shoe Galleries will be transformed by the installation

of a unique interactive Pop-up Shop - a dynamic, ever-changing conceptual space combining forward-

thinking technical innovation and an explosion of colour to capture the essence and playful nature of the

Feiyue brand.


The Selfridges X Feiyue Pop-up Shop is constructed of playful wooden building blocks, integrating

benches, sales points and digital pads. These digital pads will feature the Feiyue i-PAD application, offering

customers the opportunity to customise their own shoes live and direct in-store.


In the same spirit of one-off customisation, visitors will  be encouraged to interact will the design of

the Selfridges X Feiyue Pop-up Shop itself. Visitors to the space will be offered cubes of different colours,

allowing them to change the landscape of the space by adding to or rearranging the existing building-block

design. Customers can use the building blocks as artistic tools, allowing them to leave their personal touch

on the Selfridges X Feiyue Pop-up Shop space.


The Selfridges X Feiyue Pop-up Shop will stock an edited unisex selection from the Autumn Winter

2010 range, offering the option for customers to uniquely re-engineer the designs to their own taste. The

selection has been edited by the young French team at Feiyue to reflect the best of the iconic sneakers

offered by the brand in a range of fabrics - including the original canvas style, leather and suede.


The Selfridges X Feiyue Pop-up Shop epitomises the brand's slogan - Flying Forward - with an

innovative, experimental and cutting-edge conceptual launch with Britain's leading department store.

Editors Notes


• Selfridges X Feiyue launches in Selfridges Shoe Galleries on 29.11.2010

• The innovative set design of the booth will constantly change as booth visitors leave their own stamp on

the design

•  An edited selection from the Autumn Winter 2010 range will be showcased as well as the option for the

customer to design their own pair of Feiyueʼs to be entered into a competition


Feiyue shoes originated in Shanghai in the 1920s gaining wide popularity throughout the 1930s

In 2006, Patrice Bastian, an entrepreneur living in Shanghai teamed up with a group of artists to recreate

the brands name with the intention of reinventing the image of Feiyue with an emphasis on the quality of

the shoe

Feiyue counts Orlando Bloom, Lily Cole and groups Justice and JLS among its many devoted fans

Designer collaborations include Feiyue by Celine - a beautiful line combining the clean, Parisian