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The Royal Meteorological Society, one of the oldest and most respected weather institutions in the UK, is launching ‘theWeather Club.’ theWeather Club is the first membership organisation to be launched in the UK that brings the general public together in order to share their fascination with the weather. The club is aiming to attract 1,000s of members from all four corners of the UK. And, with a recent survey revealing that the average Briton spends an astonishing six months out of their lives talking about the weather[1] some may say that the club is appealing to an eager audience.
The club, which operates on a non for profit basis, is offering its members a quarterly magazine, entitled theWeather; access to an interactive, social media website where people can come and share their weather stories and images; free gifts and discounts; and collectable weather information. theWeather Club members also have the chance to participate in nationwide weather related experiments such as ‘The Great British Weather Experiment’, which launches across September and October, to track the arrival of autumn in real-time across the UK. The experiment will run until mid- October 2010.
The study is the largest of its kind and will collect information about the weather, temperature and rainfall across the UK. Teachers and school children as well as the general British public will be participating.  To get involved visit www.theWeatherClub.org.uk.
Legendary weatherman Michael Fish, commenting on the launch of theWeather Club, said: “In Britain we are bonkers about the weather. Maybe it comes from having such a varied climate. Foreigners certainly seem astonished at how much we obsess about the weather.  I can barely walk down the street without someone wanting to have a quick chat about the weather. So I know this club will have a lot of people who want to participate. I for one am signing up!”
Meteorologist, theWeather Club founder and well known TV commentator on all weather related matters Dr Liz Bentley said: “theWeather Club is for all those who appreciate the weather for all its wonders. Its beauty, its power, its fragility, its occasional absurdity, and deep fundamental influence it has upon us all. It will allow us to come together and share our very British obsession with the weather.   People can share their interest in weather; get involved in national experiments and surveys; and ask an expert about things they’ve always wanted to ask, like ‘why is the sky blue?’ (Answer: white light from the sun is a mixture of all the colours of the rainbow but our atmosphere scatters blue light more than red light so this is what we observe – except during a spectacular sunset or sunrise of course, but that’s another question…..)” 


Notes for editors
5 things you never knew about the British weather from Dr Liz Bentley…
1. Highest recorded temperature in the UK was at Brogdale, Kent on 10th August 2003 reaching 38.5°C.
2. The highest recorded gust of wind in the UK was 142mph in Fraserburgh, Scotland on 13 February 1989.
3. On 23rd November 1981, 105 tornadoes hit England – compare that with an average 35 sightings per year across the UK.
4. In 1984 a shower of periwinkles and starfish fell over Thirsk in North Yorkshire and in 1987 frogs fell from the sky in shower over Stroud.
5. The Gherkin building (30 St Mary Axe, London) is designed to reduce the amount of wind that is deflected toward street level and uses the air currents to create pressure differences that power the ventilation system in the building.
theWeather Club Membership benefits include:
- A welcome pack with a free Galileo thermometer RRP £15, weather postcards and a unique membership card.
- A quarterly magazine called theWeather each with a seasonal theme delivered directly to your door.
- The magazine contains a variety of features, news and views as well as science, presented in a non technical way and using stunning photography. In addition to the magazine is a collectable information guide to Meteorology – that builds up over the issues.
- Access to a website where members are able to participate in weather debates and discussions, join forums, post views, propose ideas, submit images and share their experiences with the weather.
- Access to events, exclusive access to theWeather magazine branded items, a range of great discounts on weather related products and additional content on the website: www.theWeatherClub.org.uk
- The chance to participate in nationwide weather experiments and some of the largest weather investigations ever conducted
- Costs: theWeather Club costs £25 for membership per year
- Profits from theWeather Club will be used to help meet the charitable aims of the Royal Meteorological Society, with an emphasis on educating the public, especially children, about weather and climate.
About theWeather Club
theWeather Club is a charity organisation established in 2010 by Dr Liz Bentley, and backed by the Royal Meteorological Society which exists to promote an appreciation and understanding of the weather with an emphasis on educating the public, especially children, about weather and climate.  
Website: www.theWeatherClub.org.uk 
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