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Finally we have Hosted SharePoint 2010 in the UK!

Press Release   •   Oct 28, 2010 18:50 BST

October 28, 2010 - Finally we have Hosted SharePoint 2010 in the UK! Well, just about. It is very nearly ready to go. The SharePoint Initiative is just vital inches away from launching their Hosted SharePoint 2010 offering but before they do there is one vital question… Does anyone want Hosted SharePoint 2010 in the UK? There are numerous US based hosting companies offering SharePoint 2010 now but when working with companies outside the UK you have to consider the implications such as “who owns that data?”, “where is it actually being held?” and “what will the customer service be like?”. Due to the nature of SharePoint there is usually important and often sensitive data being stored and if moving to a hosted solution clients need to know that their information is secure. So does anyone want a UK company to host SharePoint 2010?

The Directors of The SharePoint Initiative say yes! Grant, one of the directors of The SharePoint Initiative says “UK based hosting is always appealing to UK customers due to legal governance concerns around data location and service level agreements for example. We plan to offer 99.95% availability and the highest levels of security in UK based datacentres. This and our one stop shop approach to SharePoint are the factors that will differentiate us from the non UK organisations” It is The SharePoint Initiative’s aim to provide a unique offering not only in the UK but worldwide.

The SharePoint Initiative network is already one of the largest SharePoint cooperatives within the UK; the company itself have partnerships with many leading SharePoint Web Parts development agencies, over 200 SharePoint Consultants (many of which are UK based and MCTS) and partnerships with offshore development companies. Within the environment they aim to match what the current MOSS 2007 hosting companies are providing with many more additional benefits.

It is proposed that their portal will allow you to easily purchase additional web parts and easily and seamlessly integrate them within your Hosted SharePoint 2010 environment. Want to be the first to get Hosted SharePoint 2010? Give your thoughts by completing this 10 question survey; it will only take 30 seconds. You could also win 25% off your SharePoint 2010 hosting package for the first year. Winner or not all entrants will receive a 5% discount (to be used within 2 months of launch). The survey can be found at .

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