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Find all metagenomes: GATC Biotech introduces new products for taxonomic and functional profiling

Press Release   •   Nov 03, 2016 09:35 GMT

  • Simultaneous analysis of metagenomes of bacteria, archaea, fungi, viruses, and protozoa
  • INVIEW METAGENOME EXPLORE offers taxonomic profiling of all microorganisms in any sample
  • INVIEW METAGENOME ADVANCE adds information on antibiotic resistance, virulence factors and functional processes of the microbial community

Constance, Germany, 2nd November 2016: GATC Biotech, a world-wide leading provider of DNA sequencing services, announced today the release of INVIEW METAGENOME, a new product line for metagenome analysis. The unique new service is based on sequencing and analysing the DNA of all organisms in a sample, independent of their taxonomic origin. Additional functional characterisation offers new insights for several applications ranging from clinical research to environmental studies. Even uncultured microorganisms including bacteria, archaea, viruses and protozoa, that so far could not be distinguished using common standard techniques, are now included in the analysis. 

“We enable the analysis of the composition, function and purpose of nearly any microbiome you might think of,” said Dr. Yadhu Kumar, Head of BioIT Development at GATC Biotech. “INVIEW METAGENOME thus provides an affordable opportunity to improve your understanding of microbial communities and their influence and composition. Despite a strong focus on clinical samples, especially on stool samples, the products can be applied to any type of starting material. The diversity of organisms in any given sample is amazing.”

The INVIEW METAGENOME services are based on next-generation sequencing (NGS) of all DNA material in the sample. The protocol does not require amplification of taxonomic gene markers, offering an unbiased view of the composition. The BioIT analysis is based on comprehensive reference databases, enabling the removal of host sequences and determination of community composition. INVIEW METAGENOME EXPLORE is ideal for obtaining unbiased taxonomic profiles of microbial and viral communities. INVIEW METAGENOME ADVANCE offers both taxonomic and functional analysis, as well as characterisation of antibiotic resistance and virulence factors.

GATC Biotech, a family owned business since 1990, is Europe’s leading sequencing services provider with more than 10,000 customers from academia, healthcare and industry worldwide. The company consistently contributes to the sequencing field with innovative products, scientific expertise and rigorous quality.

Currently, the entrepreneurial energy is concentrated on a completely new approach in the area of personalised medicine. GATCLIQUID is the world’s first liquid biopsy- based service for cancer research and diagnosis.

As a renowned brand, GATC Biotech offers all leading sequencing technologies in its own laboratories in Cologne and Constance, Germany. The company’s proprietary workflows deliver ready-for-diagnostics results backed by ISO 17025 accreditation and ISO 13485 certification. From Sanger to next-generation sequencing, GATC Biotech offers unmatched flexibility to customers interested in any kind of genomics such as transcriptome, epigenome, exome or whole genome analysis.

GATC Biotech has a proven record of publicly funded projects by the EU and other national agencies. The company has formed numerous successful collaborations with world-renowned universities, academic institutions, pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies.

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