Finding Apprenticeships just got easier!

Press Release   •   Dec 10, 2015 15:49 GMT

Find Apprenticeships is fast becoming the UK’s #1 independent search engine for budding apprentices to find their ideal opportunity across the UK.

The website was launched by its founder Darryn Lewis in November 2014, since then it has continuously grown in popularity by people searching for a variety of apprenticeships, ranging from plumbing to accountancy!

Since the new election, the government have set new targets to create 3 million apprenticeships by 2020. Not forgetting the 2.2 million apprenticeships that have already been achieved since 2010! This sets the foundation for individuals across the UK by opening up more opportunities to gain a recognised qualification, with on the job training and to earn while you learn. Not a complete package that can be offered from studying at university....

Other reasons why you should choose an apprenticeship -

  • Debt Free – No tuition fees, no accommodate fee's, no student overdrafts! The average student could well face debt of £30,000 plus from going to university.
  • Kick Start Your Career – An apprenticeship gives you a head start amongst the competition with on the job training and practical experience, which you can use to improve your career profile.
  • Secure Your Future – Most employers will offer a full-time career if you successfully complete your training, helping to secure and improve your prospects for the future, without the worry of having to job search!
  • Legal Protection – Peace of mind can now be assured, the government has announced plans to give apprenticeships legal protection by preventing employers from abusing the term.

Due to the anticipated increase in numbers of apprenticeship opportunities, has created a unique way of making your search simple but effective which no other site offers at present. The site searches all relevant opportunities, from all over the UK, from different sources, making them centralised and as a result, saving you time and energy! There will finally be an end to your search, for your ideal apprenticeship opportunity as it will be right in front of you on

“We make finding apprenticeships simple!”

At present the website offers you the opportunity to apply directly to either training providers, employer or any other third party. There is no time wasted having to search different websites, completing lengthy application forms or answering numerous questions. Later on this year, will also be giving you the opportunity to voice your opinions on apprenticeships and share your experiences with others via the forum. was launched in 2014 by its founder Darryn Lewis, a dedicated individual who is committed to helping young budding apprentices find their ideal apprenticeship from all across the UK.

We know that looking for an apprenticeship can be frustrating and often time consuming which is why we have developed a simple, easy to use search engine with no fancy gimmicks, so that you can quickly and efficiently locate the best apprenticeships available on the internet. Our site is simply a portal for you to be able to locate apprenticeships advertised by all forms such as Employers, Training providers or agencies.

“We make finding apprenticeships simple!”

No matter what industry or location you’re searching in, are confident we will be able to find the right apprenticeship opportunity for you from across all the top leading career sites and employers pages within the UK.

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“We aim to be the UK's No.1 source for finding apprenticeships”